9 Things You Didn’t Know About Melissa d’Arabian

You know Melissa as the Season 5 winner of Food Network Star and a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games. Learn more about what the chef-judge and mom of four is craving when she’s not chowing down in Flavortown Market.

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All About Melissa 

Think you know Melissa? Read on to learn some fun food facts about this Guy’s Grocery Games judge.  

She Can’t Leave the Grocery Store Without: Bargain Beef 

“Whatever meat is advertised in the flier. I always buy it and then take it home to freeze.” 

Favorite City to Eat In: Paris 

First Food Memory: Mother-Daughter Holiday Tea

“We made cookies and hot cocoa for my kindergarten girlfriends and their moms. I fell in love with cooking for loved ones that day, and I continue the tradition with my girls every year.”

Guilty-Pleasure Food: Ice Cream

“I could seriously eat a pint a day (something I may have actually proven during one of my pregnancies).”

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Microplane 

Last Supper Must-Have: “Something with My Family” 

Favorite Condiment: Dijon Mustard 

Favorite Childhood Dish: “Mom’s Flank Steak” 

Best 5-Ingredient Meal: Potato Bacon Torte 

“Potatoes, cream, bacon, puff pastry and fresh herbs.”

Get the Recipe: Potato-Bacon Torte

Want More Melissa?

See the chef-judge in action at Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games headquarters. 

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