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New Cinnamon-Flavor Coca-Cola Is Here

Or rather it's there. Alas, it’s available only in the U.K.
by Amy Reiter

How We Satisfy Our Late-Night Snack Attacks

We may travel far to a favorite fast-food joint only to leave feeling full of regret, survey finds.
by Amy Reiter

Burger Bash 2018 Winners: Clinton Hall and Citi Field

The meat sweats were in full force last night as Burger Bash kicked off during the New York City Wine & Food Festival.
by Maria Russo

5 Good Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping Now

These sales are too great to pass up!
by T.K. Brady

Reese Witherspoon Had an Epic Food Fail – And Other Celebrity News

We’ve all been there, Reese.
by Leah Scalzadonna

Spooky Halloween Punch Recipes

Conjure up a good time with one of these party-perfect potions.
by Kristie Collado

Your Halloween Party Needs This Frankenstein Wine Keg

Our spooky craft dresses up any ol' box wine for the occasion.
by Food Network Kitchen

You Can Get Your Christmas Tree Delivered This Year from Amazon

And they’re available for Prime shipping!
by Kelsey Mulvey

Giada Wants to Bring Back Sunday Night Dinner

And we are here for it.
by Julie Hines

Everyone Should Own Ina Garten’s Cookbooks, According to Chrissy Teigen

We couldn't agree more, Chrissy!
by Leah Scalzadonna

Baked Brie Bread Bowl

This cheesy cranberry bread bowl has built-in dippers.

Pretzel Crust Pie

Pretzels, sour cherries and chocolate all come together in this pie.

Turkey Tail Cupcakes

Bring some cuteness to the Thanksgiving table with these crafty cupcakes.

4 Gelatinized Cocktails

Give gelatin cocktails an air of sophistication with these four recipes.

Crispy Chicken Chalupa

Skip the drive-through and make your own flaming hot chicken taco shell.

Non-Cereal Crispy Treats

These off-the-wall marshmallow treats are inspired by the snack food aisle.

Giant Peanut Butter Cookie

Win the next cookie swap with this gigantic cookie-cake.

Southern Fried Chicken Parm

The secret to this dish is a juicy piece of Southern fried chicken.

Whole Cauliflower Wellington

Herb butter and mushrooms complement the cauliflower in this main dish.

Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Sides

All of turkey's favorite sidekicks bake together on one sheet pan.