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What You Should Know About the Recent Beef Recall

Here's how to know if you could be affected.
by Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

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These Are the Best Products to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Because shopping should be easy.
by Kelsey Mulvey

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Wait? You’re Not Supposed to Keep Vodka in the Freezer?

So says the guy who created Grey Goose vodka.
by Amy Reiter

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All the Cyber Monday Sales You Don't Want to Miss

Because the deals don't end on Black Friday.
by Kelsey Mulvey

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All of the Clothing That You Need for Thanksgiving

We found outfits for the whole family.
by Julie Hines

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The Barefoot Contessa's 7 Tips for a Flawless Thanksgiving Dinner

Watch her Thanksgiving special with Jennifer Garner, Nigella Lawson and Marcus Samuelsson on November 17 at 8|7c.

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Here's How to Make Salad Just Like Jennifer Garner

She’s loves avocados just as much as you do.
by Aly Walansky


Our Top 5 Fan Favorites This Week

Pick from 84 feast-worthy apps, and learn to make the prettiest pies.


These Are Best Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table, According to Sommeliers

Pick up a bottle for as little as $19!
by Lauren Saxe


This One Trick Could Make Your Dessert Healthier

And it's way easier than you think.
by Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D.N.

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Chocolate-Caramel Domes

These elegant little cakes are a chocolate lover's dream dessert.

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Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream

Enjoy peppermint chocolate ice cream without the churning with this recipe!


Layered Chocolate Mousse Cake

This cake has four decadent layers of chocolaty sweetness.


Stuffing-Stuffed Cauliflower

Enjoy classic stuffing from the inside of a tender head of cauliflower.

Peanut Butter Brownie Cookies

Why settle for one cookie flavor when you can have three?

Cake Chips and Dip

An iconic snack duo takes a sweet turn.

Gingerbread Mug Mates

Top off a mug of hot cocoa with one of these festive gingerbread men.

Tri-Color Spritz Cookies

No-fuss spritz cookies are ready to brighten your holiday cookie table.

Christmas Cookie Cheesecake

Sugar cookie meets cheesecake in this brilliant holiday mashup.

Potato Chip Omelet

Add a little crunch to your omelet with potato chips