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How To Hydrate Like a Personal Trainer

These recs go beyond your regular H2O.
by Lauren Seib

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BYOB (Be Your Own Barista)

Boost your morning brew -- without breaking the bank.

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You Put Your Reese’s Pieces in My Chocolate Bar

A new hybrid chocolate bar — Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar with Reese’s Pieces candy — is headed our way.
by Amy Reiter


Our Top 5 Fan Favorites This Week

Stress less and let your slow-cooker handle dinner.


Pull Up a Chair at Martina’s Table for a Menu of Good Hits and Great Cooking

The famed musician is opening up her kitchen to friends, family and you in a new series premiering Sunday, Nov. 18 at 12|11c.
by Maria Russo


Meghan Markle Is Pregnant! Here's What We Think She Might Be Eating

Based on her usual diet, this is going to be one healthy baby!
by Aly Walansky


11 Ways Fries Are Eaten Around the World

by Casey Austin

We Really Do Live in a Fast Food Nation

One out of three U.S. adults eats fast food on any given day.
by Amy Reiter

Does Eating Soy Increase Your Risk for Breast Cancer?

Here's the truth.
by Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.


Potato Chip Omelet

Add a little crunch to your omelet with potato chips


Pull-Apart Dog Bites

Get game-day ready with these unique versions of classic hot dogs.

Baked Brie Bread Bowl

This cheesy cranberry bread bowl has built-in dippers.

Pretzel Crust Pie

Pretzels, sour cherries and chocolate all come together in this pie.

Turkey Tail Cupcakes

Bring some cuteness to the Thanksgiving table with these crafty cupcakes.

4 Gelatinized Cocktails

Give gelatin cocktails an air of sophistication with these four recipes.

Crispy Chicken Chalupa

Skip the drive-through and make your own flaming hot chicken taco shell.

Non-Cereal Crispy Treats

These off-the-wall marshmallow treats are inspired by the snack food aisle.

Giant Peanut Butter Cookie

Win the next cookie swap with this gigantic cookie-cake.

Southern Fried Chicken Parm

The secret to this dish is a juicy piece of Southern fried chicken.