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New Study Finds Microplastics in Most Bottled Water

Researchers found microscopic pieces of plastic in 93 percent of the bottled water tested.
by Amy Reiter

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This Restaurant Is Making Cadbury Crème Egg Croissants

They're the ultimate Easter pastry.
by Erin Hartigan

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Ina Reveals the One Thing That Intimidates Her About Entertaining

You won't believe it.
by Meaghan Cameron

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Jennifer Garner Proves She Has Good Taste (or Something Like That)

Also that she’s no fan of pickles.
by Amy Reiter


Katie Lee Is Engaged!

She said yes to her longtime boyfriend, Ryan, while on vacation in Paris.
by Maria Russo


Are Pickle Juice Slushes the Taste of Summer 2018?

Pucker up, people. Sonic is determined to push you out of your slushie comfort zone.
by Amy Reiter


Chris Hemsworth’s Superhero Diet Is Thor-oughly Protein-Rich and Plant-Based

His personal trainer admits the actor’s vegan diet had one unfortunate side effect (hint: God of Thunder).
by Amy Reiter

Fitness-Focused Hotels Around the Country

Stay healthy when you’re on vacation with these noteworthy fitness and wellness programs.
by Elizabeth Brownfield

POLL: How Do You Eat Fruit?

Share your healthy eating habits.

Why Getting Your Kids Involved in Cooking Is Actually Great

Teach even the youngest chefs and keep your sanity? Totally doable.
by Meghan Cole

This Is Our Favorite Easter Bread Recipe Right Now

It's juuust sweet enough to go with dinner.