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That old-fashioned fountain drink gets a modern makeover.

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Nacho Flay is the cat's meow.

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Tom Brady Would Like to Clear Up the Strawberry Thing

It’s not that his diet prohibits him from eating the fragrant fruits.
by Amy Reiter


Bake Cupcakes in Augmented Reality on Your Android Device

This fun feature turns everyone into a pro baker and cupcake decorator.
by Julie Hines

Chrissy Teigen’s Grocery Order Went Wrong and Now She Has A LOT of Limes

The best part is that she isn’t even a lime fan.
by Aly Walansky

Chopped U with Lazarus Lynch Premieres on Snapchat Today

The fan-favorite franchise is reimagined for young cooks.

Why How You Feel Is More Important Than What You Weigh

There are better ways to gauge your health than just stepping on a scale.
by Alexandra Caspero

Are Beer and Potato Chips the Secret to a Long Life?

Regular exercise, too.
by Amy Reiter

Enter the Cake Boss

Follow Buddy and the team in their cake-making adventures.

7 Recipes That Prove Corned Beef Is Great in Everything

It's way more versatile than that green beer you're sipping.
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McDonald's Rolls Out Fresh-Meat Quarter Pounders

Some burgers will still be frozen though.
by Amy Reiter