Next-Level Fried Turkeys

Fry your Thanksgiving turkey and you'll never go back to the oven.

Once you've fried your turkey, you'll never go back to the oven. This flavor-packed fried bird slathered in spicy Buffalo sauce may ruffle Grandma's feathers, but it is guaranteed to win Friendsgiving.

It's not just the wow factor that makes fried turkeys great — they stay moist and tender with no danger of drying out (sorry, roasted turkeys). Plus, deep-frying cooks a turkey in half the time. Amp up the bird with this unexpected, totally addictive sweet and spicy glaze.

Chicken and waffles gets supersized with this spin on a classic fried turkey. Skipping the oven for hot oil keeps the meat moist and juicy. Basting the bird with glaze three times while it rests guarantees the salty-sweet flavor comes through.

Fried Turkey, 3 Ways 01:36

Spice up your Thanksgiving with one of these tasty ideas.

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