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Fast-Fix Chicken Empanadas

Marcela uses simple supermarket pizza dough to make chicken empanadas.

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With the help of Marcela's quick tips and easy how-tos, you can serve her comforting butternut squash soup, juicy chicken and creamy pies at home.

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  • Mexican Made Easy

    Taking delicious Mexican dishes on the go has never been easier with Marcela's menu of Mexican-Style Slaw a simple salad of shredded jicama, beets, cucumber and rings of red arbol chiles, Warm Picnic Burritos filled with shredded dry beef (machaca) and Quick-n-Easy Coconut Bark using condensed milk and coconut baked to perfection.

  • Mexican Made Easy

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, Marcela designs a cozy, romantic, winter meal that is sure to warm up hearts and bellies. Marcela prepares a Butternut Squash Soup that has a kiss of chipotle flavor, followed by a tender Ancho-Crusted Rack of Lamb served with a mint jelly sauce. For dessert, Marcela puts a fresh Mexican spin on a classic strawberry pie with her Sweet Strawberry Tartlets.

  • Mexican Made Easy

    Getting dinner on the table, let alone a cherished, authentic dish from your childhood, can be such a challenge! Marcela shares her favorite dishes from the Yucatan, done super easy, for the busy cook. To start, Marcela is making Cochinita Pibil, delicious slow cooked pork marinated in an orange and achiote sauce. Next, simple Panuchos, tortillas stuffed and cooked into a perfect "plate" for the pork. Then, a classic Mexican staple to keep in your fridge for everyday use, pickled Habanero chiles and red onions -- perfect for topping your Panuchos. She'll also make the best Guacamole you've ever had: simple with fresh, bright flavors. Don't forget to leave room for dessert! Marcela's making a Guava Pound Cake inspired by her mom. Get ready because Marcela's making these Mexican classics a cinch!

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Marcela grew up around expert cooks and shares her passion for food as a host on The Kitchen and in her cooking show, Mexican Made Easy. More

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