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Marcela Joins the Cast of The Kitchen

Together with four other Food Network stars, Marcela launched a brand-new series, The Kitchen. Tune in Saturdays 11a|10c.

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  • Mexican Made Easy

    Classic American dishes get a South-of-the-Border twist as Marcela makes a Poblano Potato Salad with an addition of fresh poblano chiles, Mexican Meatloaf with a spice kick and Baja-Style Lemonade infused with rosemary and sweetened with Mexico's agave syrup.

  • Mexican Made Easy

    In this show Marcela makes three Mexican bunch dishes that everyone will love, all of them a snap for any home cook: traditional "cowboy beans" made with chorizo and bacon; crepes with cheese and corn and topped with creamy poblano sauce; and cheese fritters dipped in Mexican hot chocolate.

  • Mexican Made Easy

    Marcela always includes her son in the kitchen, but today she's going out to teach other kids the importance of good food! At Olivewood Gardens, Marcela picks vegetables with the kids and prepares a healthy Bean, Cauliflower and Cheese Burrito that's sure get an A from the class. The base of these burritos are rich and lightly spiced Chorizo Refried Beans that kids will adore. Back in the kitchen, Marcella prepares simple and delicious Ground Beef Empanadas and Chicken Tostadas. Get the kids ready because they've got plenty of cooking to do!

  • Mexican Made Easy

    Marcela treats friends to her Mexican Shrimp Burgers inspired by a classic Puerto Vallarta street food and tops them with a Mexican-style aioli with avocado, chile, and lime. To finish her festive seafood menu, she prepares Grilled Avocado and Scallop Salad and a side of Jalapeno Buttered Corn.

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  • Mexican Made Easy

    Start your grills, today Marcela has a Mexican menu for every backyard barbecue! First up, her Poc Chuc Pepitos, delicious marinated steak sandwiches. Marcela pairs her steak sandwich with baby red potatoes, tossed on the grill, then finished with spicy Chipotle butter. Marcela continues the spice by stuffing fiery jalapeno chiles with cheese, wrapping them in bacon and throwing them on the grill for the perfect party kick. Even dessert gets grilled! She's grilling bananas and drizzling them with a spiced chocolate sauce. Indoor or outdoor there's a grill dish to delight everybody, straight from Mexican Made Easy.

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Marcela grew up around expert cooks and shares her passion for food as a host on The Kitchen and in her cooking show, Mexican Made Easy. More

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