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Fast-Fix Chicken Empanadas

Marcela uses simple supermarket pizza dough to make chicken empanadas.

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With the help of Marcela's quick tips and easy how-tos, you can serve her comforting butternut squash soup, juicy chicken and creamy pies at home.

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  • Mexican Made Easy

    Marcela introduces us to her Tia Marcela, her aunt and namesake, as they share some of their favorite family recipes and stories. From one side of the family we get savory Tuna Stuffed Chiles. From another side, the tradition of grandma's meatballs continues in a hearty Lamb Albondiga Soup. Combining Tia Marcela's recipes as well as her own, Marcela makes a savory Sweet Potato Casserole spiced up with Chipotle. Then Tia Marcela finishes things off with her own recipe for tart and refreshing tequila and grapefruit cocktail called Palomas, as they toast the traditions that brought them here!

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Marcela grew up around expert cooks and shares her passion for food as a host on The Kitchen and in her cooking show, Mexican Made Easy. More

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