This Is the Most Popular Christmas Cookie Recipe on Pinterest

Your cookie swap will never be the same.

Photo by: Courtesy of No. 2 Pencil

Courtesy of No. 2 Pencil

Though we at Food Network love a classic cookie, we have to admit that there’s something extra special about a cookie bar. It tastes just as delicious, without the tedious process of scooping and arranging the dough on baking sheets. Win-win, right?

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who think so. According to Pinterest, the most buzzed-about recipe on the site is No. 2 Pencil’s M&M Christmas Cookie Bars. With three different kinds of chocolate (seasonal M&M’s, white chocolate chips and semi-sweet morsels), it’s easy to understand why these festive bars have more than 365,000 saves on just one Pinterest post.

According to Melissa, the blogger behind No. 2 Pencil, these colorful cookie bars are "easy and fun to make and they serve a crowd easily. Perfect for the holidays!" And since her recipe was adapted from one we’re quite familiar with (thanks, girl!) we bet these cookie bars truly are amazing.

Photo by: Courtesy of No. 2 Pencil

Courtesy of No. 2 Pencil

Although each batch serves about 18 people (or more, depending on how big you cut 'em), you might want to make double. "These cookies bars don’t last long anywhere," Melissa says. "I always come home from parties and potlucks with an empty pan."

Is it time for the cookie swap yet?

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