8 Great Recipes Using Egg Noodles

Pair this pantry pasta with these comfort food classics.

April 11, 2020
By: Katherine Lok
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Food Network Kitchen’s Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

For some reason, egg noodles don't get as much attention as flashier noodles, but they deserve a spot front and center. The shape and texture of egg noodles make them ideal for soups, stews, and creamy baked casseroles — categories of comfort food that are universally appealing. They also hold up well in leftovers and often taste even better the next day. We've rounded up our favorite uses for them with several comforting recipes that highlight the classics you know and love, as well as a few new twists.

The soup that grandmas swear by is even better in an Instant Pot since the technique is easier and the Instant Pot is big enough to fit a whole chicken. Add the egg noodles to cook in the last 5 minutes and self-soothe with this heartwarming soup.

This dish may seem ordinary, but it's a family favorite for a reason. The flavors of beef, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes — baked until golden and bubbly — make for an all-comfort combo that kids and adults both love.

A classic at family gatherings, this turkey tetrazzini is a nice way to change up the brunch spread in only 30 minutes.

This layered dish upgrades the retro tuna noodle casserole with smart, savory tweaks. The recipe uses real cream and mushrooms instead of the canned kind and can be assembled in a casserole dish for easy cleanup.

We wouldn't forget the ultimate classic egg noodle dish, beef stroganoff. This recipe turns up the flavor factor by using ribeye steak and shiitake mushrooms for a luxurious twist that earns its "best" status.

For a vegetarian spin on stroganoff, use the meatiest mushrooms you can find, like portobellos and shiitakes, and combine with mushroom broth for a hearty dish that's perfect for meatless Mondays.

This version of the classic pork goulash is unexpected for two reasons: It's a lighter take on the traditional Hungarian dish and takes half as long to cook.

Giada's twist on mac and cheese is a fan favorite due to its easy assembly and the fact that you can make it in the oven instead of standing over the stove. Fontina, Parmesan and mozzarella mixed with salty ham make it a hit every time.

Additional Egg Noodle Recipes:

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