Bring on the Mile-High Pies, Please!

Summer mood: occu-pied with dessert. 🥧

July 13, 2022

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Photo by: Armando Rafael

Armando Rafael

What’s more “summer” than a slice of pie?! How about a mile-high one, topped with a very generous dose of whipped cream, meringue or even chocolate? If you ask me, it’s the perfect way to end the night after a day filled with grilling and summer fun. That’s why I’m all about taking your favorite flavor of pie and transforming into a towering, sky-high treat. From chocolatey goodness to berry deliciousness (and even no-bake versions), there’s a mile-high pie for everyone to enjoy, starting with these yummy picks.

A delicious combo of both chocolate and peanut butter, this rich and creamy dessert is topped with a tall order of sweetened cream cheese, sweetened with sugar and whisked until light and fluffy.

Ree’s no-bake pie is layered with an assortment of ice cream flavors like coffee, chocolate and caramel (plus cookies!) before it’s covered in a crunchy chocolate shell.

Photo by: Photograph by Ryan Liebe

Photograph by Ryan Liebe

Take advantage of the season’s bounty of fresh fruit! Instead of hot and bubbly pie fresh from the oven, fill your cooked shell with just-picked blueberries, blackberries and raspberries — so you’ll get a sweet surprise when you cut into it.

Photo by: Photograph by Ryan Liebe

Photograph by Ryan Liebe

No need to start a fire to enjoy this classic treat. A graham cracker crust holds the chocolate pudding center before being topped with a Swiss meringue that’ll remind you of toasted marshmallows. This pie captures every flavor of the beloved campfire dessert.

Photo by: Photograph by Ryan Liebe

Photograph by Ryan Liebe

You’ll only have pies for this one after taking a bite out of this decadent sweet-and-sour dessert. For dramatic effect, feel free to use a spoon to swoop up parts of the meringue into high peaks towards the edge of the crust.

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