3 of a Kind: Potato Crisps and Caviar

Get the take on creative dishes that fuse the familiar flavors of fried potato with the bold and briny notes of caviar.
Caviar from the Wine Kitchen

3 of a Kind checks out three places across the country to try something cool, new and delicious.

Caviar and potato chips usually sit at opposite ends of the fancy food spectrum. Lately, however, chefs have united the two, pairing the upscale tinned fish eggs with the humble potato, a seemingly ideal combination that brings together both creamy and crisp textures. Read on to get the take on these creative dishes that fuse the familiar flavors of fried potato with the bold and briny notes of caviar.

Caviar and Potato Chips

At The Wine Kitchen in historic Leesburg, Virginia, Chef Tim Rowley makes caviar more approachable for the masses by pairing American sturgeon with crisp housemade salt and vinegar chips. Rowley’s idea for the combination was to “share the experience of caviar with diners by increasing accessibility and familiarity in tasting”. It’s far from your standard chips and dip, though, with other accoutrements such as egg gribiche and caramelized onion dip also adorning the plate.

Caviar Canapes
Caviar Canapes

Absinthe in San Francisco is known for its refined yet approachable cuisine, so it’s no wonder that the culinary team has found a way to incorporate caviar into a familiar appetizer. To prepare Caviar Canapes, Chef Adam Keough perches American sturgeon on a crisp, shredded potato cake that’s layered with a hard cooked egg. Reminiscent of the traditional caviar and creme fraiche on top of blini, Absinthe’s savory potato cake and caviar is one of the restaurant’s most-popular items.

Caviar Crisp from Petrossian
Caviar Crisp with Tarama Dip

Petrossian is a beloved institution in New York City, particularly for caviar lovers. The restaurant is renowned for its fine osetra, which Chef Richard Farnabe incorporates into his unique take on the potato and caviar trend. For his Caviar Crisp with Tarama Dip, Farnabe blends potatoes, caviar and a bit of flour to form a thin disc, which he fries to create a beautiful, onyx-colored crisp. The giant potato and caviar chip is served with tarama (fish roe dip) and Royal Golden Osetra.

Photography courtesy of The Wine Kitchen, Absinthe and Petrossian

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