The 8 Best Pizza Peels of 2024, According to Pizza Experts

We asked chefs which material, brand and style they prefer!

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Updated on January 18, 2024

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For pizza makers, having the right equipment means more than securing the best pizza oven (though that's important, too!). Having the right pizza peel, which is basically a giant spatula, can make all the difference in making a perfect pie at home. Pizza peels come in a wide range of materials, and there are ones that are ideal for carefully loading a pizza into the oven without it falling apart — a preference that can change depending on who you talk to. To get an idea of which pizza peels are best, we reached out to chefs and asked them to share their favorites.


Fan: Michael Fadem, owner, Ops in Bushwick and Leo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“I always prefer to use wood pizza peels. I think it especially makes sense for home pizza makers as it is a very simple process. Just dust the peel with a little flour before placing the dough on it, top the dough with your toppings and load it in the oven.”

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Fan: Laquisha Wimberly, founder of The Missing Brick pizza parlor in Indianapolis

“The Ooni 12-inch peel with a long handle in super smooth aluminum is my fave. It’s lightweight with a heat-resistant handle. The aluminum blade allows for a quick cool down from the fire. The blade is also super sharp, and it’s great for getting under the pizza to retrieve it out the oven. Its surface is large, which allows the user to turn 12-inch pizzas on it and place it back into the oven. It’s very user friendly and most importantly first-time user friendly!”


Fan: Francesco Bonsinetto, Italian chef and director of culinary experiences at Cucina Migrante in San Diego

“The perforated pizza peel is a great invention, especially if you’re using a large wood-fired pizza oven. They have both the non-stick benefits of a wooden peel and are thinner and easier to clean. Also, the perforations or holes allow airflow to prevent sticking and allow excess flour to fall away, preventing it from burning in the oven.”


Fan: Sean Ferraro, owner, Madison Avenue Pizza in Dunedin, Florida

“This wood peel is perfect both for making the pizza directly on it and launching it onto a pizza stone or into the oven.”

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Fan: Bissonnette

“Simple metal pizza peels are awesome and durable for home use. They’re easy to clean, and a thinner peel makes it easier to take pies off the stone, and they can be used to make grilled pizza. Stretching a pie on an aluminum peel with oil makes grilled pizza a breeze.”

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Fan: Jamie Bissonnette, chef and owner of JK Food Group in Boston

“I love the look and feel of this wooden pizza peel. The pros are that this can be used as a platter — pizza, charcuterie and cheese plates all look great on them. If there’s wall space, they also look great in the kitchen, and this peel will patina really well.”

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Fan: Bari Musacchio, partner at Rubirosa in New York City

“For home pizza peels, my favorite is a classic wooden peel with a beveled edge (for easier release). We use this restaurant-grade peel at Rubirosa, but one that’s a bit smaller (I recommend one that’s 12x14) is perfect for a backyard pizza oven.”


Fan: Daniele Uditi, executive chef, Pizzana in Los Angeles, CA

“This is what I use at Pizzana. These are super light and resistant and are made with aluminum, which means they don’t get super-hot. They’re very durable and easy to use and are the best on the market. We have a variety that we use — the flat square version is for loading pizza and the round one is for turning it.”

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