How I “Tricked” My Parents Into Eating Low-Carb Pasta

Because picky eating isn’t just a kid-thing.

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September 27, 2020

Chances are you’ve probably had your fair share of interactions with a “picky eater” or two. Unlike me though, your picky eater is probably under the age of 18. Though I love my mom and dad more than anything else in this world, their collective stubbornness when it comes to trying new foods is something I really wish would go away with the rest of 2020. It took me two whole years to convince them to give whole wheat pasta a try, and it was an additional six months of constant nagging before quinoa finally made it onto our dinner plates. And don’t even get me started about nut milks — we’ll just call that one a work in progress...

Suffice to say I’ve had to get pretty inventive in order to get my parents out of their respective culinary comfort zones. From sneaking extra servings of veggies into cheesy baked pastas like Valerie Bertinelli to covertly disguising whole grains as chocolate chip cookies like Giada De Laurentiis, no picky eating technique is beyond me.

Most recently, I got them to eat chickpea pasta without even knowing it super easily. In fact, the only thing I really needed to do was boil water! With nearly double the protein and three times the amount of fiber than other boxed macaroni and cheese, Banza’s gluten-free version is made with chickpea pasta to give you a comfort food that’s not only healthier, but still tasty!

Just take it from my carb- and starch-loving parents; I offered them each a bowl of Banza’s Shells + Classic Cheddar variety for lunch last Saturday without telling them it wasn’t your average mac and cheese. It wasn’t until they had each finished their second bowl, I finally came clean, letting them know that the dish was actually made with plant-based pasta. Their individual reactions were priceless. Though they were each shocked at first, they were pleasantly surprised and excited too. Noting the cheesiness and lightness of the sauce and the tenderness and ultra-smooth texture of the pasta shells, my dad even admitted that it was much more satisfying and filling than regular pasta! And my mom?! She went out and bought six more boxes of Banza’s mac and cheese that same night.

Now, if only we could have that same result with oat milk...

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