What to Make with Chickpeas

12 delicious ways to use up canned or dried garbanzo beans.

December 02, 2021

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Food Network Kitchen Step by Steps

Food Network Kitchen Step by Steps

Photo by: Lucy Schaeffer

Lucy Schaeffer

By Regan Cafiso for Food Network Kitchen

How to Use Chickpeas

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are one of the best items to stock in your pantry. Long-lasting and filled with protein and fiber, this hearty, nutty legume is used throughout the world in many types of dishes from mains and sides to appetizers and desserts. Certainly you've tasted them in hummus, but there are more — many more — ways to enjoy chickpeas.

Whether you have canned chickpeas, dried chickpeas or both, we have a dozen delicious ways to use them up. Even the canning liquid is fair game.

How to Use Canned Chickpeas

If you have a can or two of chickpeas in your pantry, you're already halfway to dinner. Try some of these favorite dinner ideas.

How to Use Dried Chickpeas

If you have a bag of dried chickpeas on hand, there are some great ways to use them up — including a falafel recipe that rivals any street vendor's. For some recipes, you'll need to soak them first, so plan ahead accordingly.

How to Use Aquafaba

Did you know that chickpea canning liquid, known as aquafaba, is usable and delicious? It works as a vegan egg replacer in many recipes and whips up light and fluffy, just like egg whites.

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