A Savory Rhubarb Recipe You Need to Try This Weekend

Turns out rhubarb and short ribs are a match made in heaven. Thanks, Molly!

Photo by: Chantell Quernemoen

Chantell Quernemoen

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word rhubarb, you think pie. Most of us have never used this vibrant pink fruit for anything other than tangy spring desserts. It’s time that changed, and Molly Yeh, host of Girl Meets Farm, is leading the way with her Rhubarb Short Ribs. “They’re sweet, they’re sour, they’re fall-off-the-bone tender and they explode with flavor,” said Molly.

“Typically, you see [rhubarb] in desserts,” said Molly, “I figured I have so much rhubarb in my backyard, I can't just eat it all in sweet things. So, I started experimenting with savory applications for it ... Short ribs are great with anything that is sweet and a little tart.”

You’ll need to start preparing the short ribs with enough time for the dry rub to work its magic, about six hours, so start the night before. Then, after some quick browning action in a hot oven, this easy dish is slow roasted for about 2 1/2 hours. Don’t forget to make an amazing sauce with the leftover juices!

These melt-in-your-mouth short ribs are part of Molly’s go-to, make-ahead entertaining menu. “Short ribs are probably my favorite main course to make for any dinner party,” said Molly. “You can prep them in advance and they only get better with time. I can actually prep the entirety of this recipe, stick it in the refrigerator and keep it until the next day when it's time to serve, and I can just reheat them, and they're ready to go."

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