Need a Weekend Project? Try Tie-Dying Your Hand Towels

Add a pop of color to your kitchen — and hide your stains!

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May 29, 2020

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Kitchen towel or napkin over the rustic stone table. View from above with copy space


Kitchen towel or napkin over the rustic stone table. View from above with copy space

Photo by: Anna Bogush / EyeEm / Getty Images

Anna Bogush / EyeEm / Getty Images

During these lasts couple months, I’ve admittedly fallen victim to every trend that has passed through the Internet. I’ve tackled weekend-long cooking and baking projects including lasagna, banana bread and air fryer bread. I’ve done my fair share of at-home workouts in the comfort of my bedroom (delighting my neighbors in the apartment below me, I’m sure). And, I’ve most eagerly gotten into the resurgent trend of tie-dying. One weekend, I got carried away, dying anything in my apartment that was white and in need of some color, including my previously white hand towels. And, trust me, you should do the same.

The great part of dying your hand towels is that you can easily cover up any stains your otherwise white towels weren’t masking. Plus, for me, it adds a little excitement to my small apartment kitchen. Depending on what dye you’re using, I would recommend only using these for drying your hands or for decoration rather than to dry your dishes.

The kit I bought made the whole process beyond easy. You'll get an assortment of colors, gloves, rubber bands and a tarp to cover your floor. You simply fill the squirt bottles (which already came with dye powder in them) with the correct amount of water, tie up the towels in a spiral pattern, and give them a good dousing of color. In the time it takes you to whip up a load of banana bread, you'll turn out perfectly colorful towels.

Now, with a half-eaten banana bread on my counter and these mutli-color towels hanging from my oven handle, I'm ready to take on a new quarantine project. Sourdough, anyone?

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