11 Things You Didn’t Know About Molly Yeh

The Girl Meets Farm star discusses her hot take on mug cakes, the first dish she ever mastered, her sprinkle collection and more.

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Host Molly Yeh with her finished Baked Donuts with Glazes, as seen on Girl Meets Farm, Season 1

Host Molly Yeh with her finished Baked Donuts with Glazes, as seen on Girl Meets Farm, Season 1

Photo by: Melissa Libertelli

Melissa Libertelli

All sprinkles are treasures to her.

"I refuse to get rid of ANY sprinkle that come into my house. I love collecting sprinkles whenever I go out of town. I bring home sprinkles from other countries and I just never want to let them go. They’re faded and gross by now."

Her favorite meal is second dinner.

"My [favorite] meal to eat is second dinner which is when I start craving potato chips and French fries and late-night pizza. That’s the best food."

Macaroni and cheese was the first dish she mastered.

"When I moved into my first apartment in New York, I started making it for my friends because I remembered my mom would make it all the time for celebrations and things. I loved adding new cheeses and experimenting with that and I would always make it late at night after parties."

She isn’t a fan of mug cakes.

"Bake your cake and decorate it properly. Respect your cake!"

There has to be sound while she’s cooking.

"I listen to a lot of classical music. I listen to a lot of Sia, Punch Brothers, Chris Daly, Sufjan Stevens, San Fermin and Lucius. I also listen to a lot of TV in the background when I’m cooking and a lot of podcasts. My favorite podcast of all time is called 'Unorthodox.' [...] I also listen to Anna Faris’ podcast."

The best cooking advice she got was from her mom.

"You should salt every layer of the dish and not just at the end because it really brings out every flavor. Same thing with acidity, regardless of what you make it’s important to add some acidity just to balance out your flavors."

These five ingredients are always in her pantry.

"Tahini, marzipan, sprinkles, sugar and salt."

She still has her share of kitchen fails.

"There were some cornbread failures. There was a chicken failure not too long ago. My greatest fear in life other than death is a dry baked good. A dry muffin, a dry cake, a dry cornbread. I had to develop a cornbread recipe – it was for Thanksgiving but of course the first two tries were just very dry and I couldn’t have that. They just needed to get out of my sight because I hate a dry cornbread. I hate dry anything."

Embroidery on Instagram is kind of a big deal.

"I just only recently discovered these embroidery artists on Instagram. They make the most beautiful works of art that are modern, hip, cool and they’re not what I grew up thinking that embroidery was. All of the designs are very fresh and my style. I want to try and translate those to buttercream and figure out how to pipe embroidery inspired designs."

She likes to give her pizza a healthy upgrade.

"I love salad on my pizza. It gives it crunch. Pour my salad onto my pizza and that is a delicious thing. Some places will have a Caesar salad."

This food emoji is her favorite.

"The egg. The sunny-side up egg."

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