Molly Yeh's Favorite Cookbooks

The Girl Meets Farm star tells us why these 12 cookbooks are must-haves.

September 07, 2021

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Molly's Picks


This book made me enjoy cooking even more than I already do!

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Hetty’s ode to the food of my heritage is one of the most inspiring sets of recipes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Jerusalem is full of history, complexity, diversity and vibrant food. This book does it justice.

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This is the most gorgeous book about Hawaii’s food. Whenever I want to be transported there, I open it.

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All I want in life is to eat bread for every meal, and this book validates that. It makes bread a lifestyle.

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Cynthia’s recipes and stories speak strongly to me as a fellow Chinese American (and lover of black sesame!).

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The styling of the food photos in this book makes you feel like a fly on the wall in one of the world’s most special bakeries.

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This is a journey into the kitchens of African bibis (grandmothers), complete with beautiful stories and delicious recipes.

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Each legendary recipe is not only a gem but also a learning moment, with tricks to add to your toolbox.

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These recipes are fresh and colorful and packed full of Adeena’s warm personality.

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Sarah is one of the most trustworthy bakers I know, and her sweets are reliable classics.

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Having married into a Scandinavian family, this book has become my encyclopedia.

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A Few More Recs!

Headshot by Yatrik Solanki.

Headshot by Yatrik Solanki.

Molly turns to Maya Meredith’s The Kitchen Review of Books for cookbook suggestions. Here, Maya talks about her latest picks:


This book — full of not just recipes but also essays, poems and eye-popping art — explores the incredible breadth and depth of Black food culture.

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Who can resist the powerful sour, spicy, sweet and funky flavors of the food of the Philippines? This book includes traditional and modern recipes.

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This book has me ready to use ingredients like miso, turmeric and yogurt in new ways — and break out specialized picks like black vinegar and bonito flakes more often.

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