Sriracha Shrimp Toast

Oh, man, hello to my new everything. I grew up eating shrimp toast, an Aussie favorite, and rediscovered it as it had a bit of a renaissance in the restaurant scene. I love it because it takes like zero time to whip up and you can keep it warm in the oven until you serve it to friends, or if you're trying to consume it all by yourself in shifts. You might need a shrimp toast spotter, because you will eat them all. Amanda, my sister, is a terrible shrimp toast spotter. She totally enables me. So, yeah…luckily shrimp toast is easy to make, so I can just make more. Problem solved.
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  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 25 min
  • Active: 25 min
  • Yield: 10 to 12 servings
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2 tablespoons finely chopped shallots

One 1-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled

1 clove garlic

1 tablespoon packed basil leaves

Two 1-inch pieces lemongrass

1 tablespoon fish sauce

1 tablespoon packed cilantro leaves, plus more for garnish

2 teaspoons vegetable or canola oil, plus more for frying

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 pound large shrimp (16 to 20 shrimp), peeled, deveined and roughly chopped

1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch

1 loaf soft, sliced white bread, crusts removed

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon hoisin sauce

Sriracha, for drizzling

Toasted sesame seeds, for sprinkling

Vegetable or canola oil, for frying


  1. Combine the shallots, ginger, garlic, basil, lemongrass, fish sauce, the 1 tablespoon cilantro, the 2 teaspoons oil and a pinch each of salt and pepper in a food processor; pulse until finely chopped and well combined. Add the shrimp and cornstarch and pulse until a sticky paste forms, 5 to 10 pulses. Spread a 1/4- to 1/2-inch-thick layer of the shrimp paste on each slice of the bread with a spoon.
  2. Heavily coat a large skillet with oil and heat over medium heat. Working in batches, add the toasts to the skillet shrimp-side down and cook until the shrimp paste is golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes. Flip the toasts and cook until the bread is deep golden brown, about 30 seconds. Remove to a paper towel-lined plate. Add more oil to the skillet, as necessary.
  3. Stir to combine the mayonnaise and hoisin in a small bowl. Drizzle the shrimp toasts with the hoisin mayo and a bit of Sriracha. Slice each toast in half on the diagonal and garnish with sesame seeds and a couple of leaves of cilantro. Enjoy!