10 Ways to Eat Healthier at the Beach

Make sure you’re packing your snacks and meals correctly for a day in the sun.

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How To Pack for the Beach

On sweltering summer days there’s no better place to beat the heat. Here is a hit list of dynamite beach bites, plus a few tips on how to pack them up safely.

Freeze Your Drinks Ahead of Time

Not to be confused with pina coladas, turn water bottles and juice boxes into temporary ice packs. After a few hours at the beach those drinks will be icy cold.

Hummus and Veggies Make for an Easy Snack

This super satisfying snack makes for healthy munching any time of day. Dippable vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and pepper strips can be prepped ahead of time and stored in resealable bags or reusable containers. To avoid spreading germs, pack up single serve hummus cups or you can also spread hummus in the bottom small containers and pile the veg on top to make dipping even easier.

PB+J Sandwiches Don't Require Refrigeration

This kid-favorite can be equally good beach fuel for grown-ups and since they don’t require refrigeration they make for easy beach food. Make a fruit-forward version with PB and sliced banana or apple. Mix it up with almond butter and sliced strawberries.

Pack Hot Food

Hitting the beach for dinner? Use a separate insulated bag to keep things warm! Wrap burgers, hot dogs in foil or stack up bento boxes of pasta or rice dishes and enjoy your meal with an ocean view. Divide family sized portions of food into individual containers before serving or pack up individual bento boxes for everyone. Keep food safety in mind: These warm packed foods should be eaten within 2 hours or 1 hour if the temp outside is above 90-degrees F.

Pre-Chill Your Cooler

Have a big beach day head? Fill those coolers with ice the night before to maximize their cooling power. Pack with your favorite foods and fresh ice before you head to the beach.

Watermelon Can Keep You Hydrated

The quintessential summer snack is made for beach eating, it helps keep you hydrated, plus you can let those juices drip all over the sand! Cut into wedges, slices or sticks.

Chocolate-Free Trail Mix Is Better

This snack will provide hours of energy for paddle boarding and sand castle building. Individually wrapped packs of nuts, seeds and dried fruit make for an easy grab and go snack. If your favorite mix contains chocolate, be sure to store in the cooler.

Pasta Salad Can Be Refreshing

A yummy and versatile meal that is even more delicious after it sits in a chilly cooler for a while. Pack in the vegetables and add protein from beans, fresh mozzarella cheese, canned tuna or shredded chicken.

Use Empty Milk Cartons for DIY Ice Blocks

Save empty milk cartons, fill with water and freeze. When ready to pack the cool, use these perfectly sized blocks of ice.

Food on a Stick Makes Snacking Easy

Thread some fresh ingredients on small skewers and feed a crowd of beachgoers with ease. Popular combos include mozzarella tomato and basil, melon, cucumber and prosciutto or Feta, olives and cucumber.