7 Dressed-Up Hummus Recipes

We got creative with seven gorgeous, globally-inspired versions of everyone's favorite party dip.

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Photo By: Kate Mathis

Reinventing the Ultimate Party Dip

Inexpensive, easy and versatile hummus is the guaranteed crowd-pleaser of any party. But it doesn't usually inspire "oohs" and "ahhs." So we reinvented this ubiquitous dip with vibrant colors, globally-inspired flavors and layers of satisfying textures. Some of these recipes are made with dried or canned chickpeas, while others call on store-bought varieties you gussy up at home for easy entertaining.


Photography by Kate Mathis

Beet Tahini Hummus

The sweet earthiness of beets in this hummus is tempered by tahini and creamy labneh. If you can't find labneh, just substitute full-fat Greek yogurt for the same rich tang. Black sesame seeds and cilantro make a striking garnish on this beautiful dish that comes together easily.

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Mediterranean Hummus Trifle

This layered hummus dip is perfect for entertaining big groups. Transform store-bought hummus into something special by layering in cucumber, kalamata olives and chickpeas. Then top it all with tangy Greek yogurt.

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Classic Hummus with Fried Chickpeas and Parsley Oil

The base of this dip is a classic hummus recipe that can be dressed up in so many ways. If you are very short on time, substitute store-bought hummus and fry up canned chickpeas. 

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Sweet and Savory Butternut Squash Hummus Dip

Roasted butternut squash gives this dip a luscious texture and sweetness. We added a little cinnamon for warmth and tempered it with salty feta cheese and a bright burst of pomegranate seeds which also make it super festive for a holiday party or a fall family dinner.

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Smokey Garlic Hummus Dip

Smoked paprika, charred scallions and sweet piquillo peppers are tempered by the richness of chickpeas and toasted almonds in this easy yet sophisticated dip that dresses up your typical store-bought hummus. Make it before your guests come and just top it when they arrive. 

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Lemony Dill Hummus Dip

Dill, garlic and lemon give this hummus a Scandinavian flair. It's made from dried chickpeas, rather than canned, which turns the texture super-creamy, and a dollop of yogurt lightens it up. Serve it with smoked salmon, hard-cooked eggs and pumpernickel toast for a special brunch party or luncheon.

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Moroccan Carrot Hummus Dip

Super creamy, light and sweet, this pretty layered creation is made with steamed carrots, cumin and orange. Yogurt adds some tang and a pesto made from the carrot tops adds a salty earthy bite. If you don't have carrots with tops, just double the mint.

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