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7 Silly Ways to Trick Your Kids on April Fools' Day

Get the camera ready to capture the look on their faces!

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All in Good Fun

Who doesn't love a little April Fools' Day spoof? Make your kids giggle (and maybe squirm a little!) with these playful food pranks. They're easy to pull off, require little clean-up (no exploding anything!) and are super silly. Just watch out next year — they might return the favor!

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The Chickpea Cocoa "Cereal"

Your kids might think they're in for a sugary breakfast treat — but this cocoa-cereal lookalike is actually roasted chickpeas (a delightful snack, typically, if we do say so ourselves)! Dust roasted chickpeas with cocoa powder, toss in a sieve to shake off any excess, and serve with milk in a bowl.

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The Secretly Salty Candy

If your kids are sour candy fiends, they won't think twice before reaching into a bowl of their favorite pucker-inducing gummies. Little do they know that you've rolled the treats in a bit of table salt first (sprinkle salt on a cutting board and press it into the candy with a rolling pin). Their lips will certainly smack when they taste the salty surprise — but you'll be ready with a juice box ('cause you're a pal, right Mom or Dad?).

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The Cheese "Cake Pop"

Don't these colorful cake pops look enticing? But, of course, on April Fools' Day, they come with a catch — they're actually cheese pops! Make a moldable cheese mixture by combining cream cheese and shredded cheddar. Roll into balls, dip in melted candy wafers and finish with sprinkles. The first bite will be a surprise — but honestly, if you like a salty-sweet combo, it might be hard not to take a second.

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