9 Star-Worthy Snacks for a Red Carpet Party

You can't host an award-show watch party without on-theme apps, drinks and dessert!

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Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Photo By: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

And the Winner Is ... Your Party!

If your invitation to that award show or Hollywood gala got lost in the mail like ours obviously did, then celebrate by doing the next best thing: Host your own glitzy watch party! Here's how to make both sweet and savory fare red carpet-ready. Our menu of star-studded snacks will be critically acclaimed in all of their categories.

Marquee Toaster Pastries

These mini movie marquees will let your guests know there’s a party "now playing!" Spread ready-made vanilla frosting evenly over boxed toaster pastries, and then place round yellow candy-coated chocolates around the outer edges to mimic marquee light bulbs. Royal icing letters (you can get them at the grocery store) spell out a special message, which means you can put your own name in lights if you wish! Simply stick the letters on frosting before it sets.

Red Velvet Push Pops

These portable pops are single-servings of cake with a lovely red carpet-inspired hue. Bake your favorite red velvet cake in a large jelly roll pan and let cool. Stamp out rounds from the cake using the open end of a pushable pop mold. Layer the cake rounds into the molds with cream cheese frosting and end with a swirl of frosting on top. A scatter of star sprinkles is the perfect final flourish!

Hollywood Star Cheese Board

You’ll be sure to win best director (of festivities!) with this glamorous star cheese platter. Thinly sliced cheeses from the grocery store are not only convenient, but they’re also the perfect size and shape to cut with star-shaped cookie cutters. Use various sizes of star cutters and arrange the shapes in ascending order to create a radiating star pattern. And no cheese plate is complete without a variety of munchable crackers and fruit for a fresh bite, so be sure to include those!

Black Tie Cupcakes

These dapper cupcakes are ready for their close-ups! Whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes and pipe on mounds of vanilla frosting. Homemade marshmallow fondant is delicious and easy to use to turn into cute bowties. Knead black food color into the fondant and roll it to 1/4-inch thickness. Stamp out triangles for bowties using a small fondant cutter (or a small paring knife). Arrange the triangles on the upper thirds of the cupcakes so that two points are almost touching. Place large black sugar pearls between the two triangles for the center knots. Finally, small black sprinkles lined down the center of the cupcakes make easy shirt buttons.

Red Carpet Cocktail

Raise a glass to the evening with an A-list cocktail! This crimson-hued spirit is easy, delicious, and uses very few ingredients: add equal parts of vodka and grenadine to a cocktail shaker along with a handful of ice. Shake, and then pour into cocktail glasses. Finish each glass with a splash of Champagne and red raspberries for garnish.

Candy-Filled Champagne Flutes

Captivate your audience with a tray of stemware filled with sweets! Simply fill pretty Champagne flutes with your favorite candies for an elegant presentation. If you’re feeling extra-fancy, use Champagne-flavored candies like we did here — the gold jelly beans and pillowy white gummies mimic the look of a bubbly drink!

Star-Studded Popcorn Balls

These homemade popcorn balls feature an all-star cast of our favorite ingredients: butter, marshmallows, and kettle corn. Melt 1/2 cup of butter and a 10-ounce bag of marshmallows on the stove top in your largest pot. Add 8 cups of popped kettle corn and stir. Form into balls with well-buttered hands, and add royal icing star decorations on top of the treats while they are still sticky.

Film Reel Snack Cakes

Get the party rolling with these sparkly sugar-coated cakes. Coat round chocolate snack cakes with melted chocolate and dip into silver sanding sugar. Attach five jumbo black confetti sprinkles for the reel holes using more melted chocolate, and place small confetti sprinkles in the centers. Allow the cakes to set until firm (10 minutes) before serving.

Clapperboard Brownies

Lights, camera, action — make these in one take! Refrigerate chewy store-bought brownies until firm (about 1 hour). Cut the brownies into bite-size squares, and then trim 1/4 of the brownie away to create a thin piece for the clapperboard arm. Arrange the brownies on a serving tray with decorative food picks for easy self-service.

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