20 Dad-Approved Desserts That Are Perfect for Father’s Day

The best dad deserves the best dessert, so we’ve rounded up a few of his favorites. From stout-infused cake and caramel-topped treats to lemon meringue pie and berry cobbler—these treats are a must on Dad’s big day.

May 11, 2023

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Our Best Father's Day Dessert Recipes

There are a few things that are essential on Father’s Day—like a great dinner (and maybe some grilling), an ice-cold beer and a showstopping cake or dessert. In an effort to spend more time with Dad on his special day, we’ve combined the last two with this simple, yet delicious, treat. Believe it or not, the light bitterness of an American-style lager transforms boxed cake mix into an even better dessert. For more flavor, we top the cake with a beer syrup and glaze. You can’t go wrong with any of the desserts in this roundup, but our Can o’ Beer Cake is a great place to start.

Get the Recipe: Can o' Beer Cake

Mascarpone Cannoli Cheesecake

We all know that being a dad means wearing many hats, so it’s only fitting that his Father’s Day dessert should do the same. That’s why we think Dad deserves this sweet treat on his special day; it’s one-part cheesecake and one-part cannoli!

Get the Recipe: Mascarpone Cannoli Cheesecake

Coconut Cake Balls

These cake balls are so easy to make — and sure to be right up dad’s alley. To achieve the striking marbled look, use a toothpick to gently stir together white chocolate and food coloring. Just be careful you don’t overmix.

Get the Recipe: Coconut Cake Balls

Chocolate Sheet Cake

If you want to treat dad but are unsure of your baking skills, this is the perfect dessert for you. It’s easy to make, decorating is a cinch and the whole thing is ready in under an hour!

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Sheet Cake

Beer-and-Bacon Toffee Sundaes

This dessert takes sweet-and-salty to the next level with a decadent combination of crunchy bacon and pecans and a rich toffee sauce.

Get the Recipe: Beer-and-Bacon Toffee Sundaes

Dad's Favorite Coconut Cream Pie

If your dad loves cookies and coconut, then he has something in common with Molly’s father. Her pie is includes both as a tribute to his favorite flavors.

Get the Recipe: Dad's Favorite Coconut Cream Pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies

It only takes a handful of ingredients from your pantry and a few minutes of your time to bake these sweet and nutty dessert bars for Dad.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Blondies

Blackberry Cobbler

The Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler is an easy five-ingredient dessert that will wow the whole family. Top it with whipped cream or ice cream — or both!

Get the Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

Key Lime Pie Whoopie Pies

The perfect treat after juicy grilled steaks and smoky ribs? Something citrusy and refreshing like Katie’s lime whoopie pies. The cookies are made with graham cracker crumbs and the marshmallow filling with plenty of lime juice and zest; when they’re sandwiched together, they taste just like a key lime pie!

Get the Recipe: Key Lime Pie Whoopie Pies

Steak Cake

Show the king of the grill just how much you appreciate him with this playful take on classic red velvet cake.

Get the Recipe: Steak Cake

Lemon Ice Cream Meringue Pie

This dessert takes a bit of planning but makes the perfect treat after grilling. Fill homemade pie crust with softened lemon ice cream before freezing. Right before serving, top with meringue and bake, just until the topping browns.

Get the Recipe: Lemon Ice Cream Meringue Pie

Spiced Chocolate Tart

This rich chocolate tart has it all: buttery shortbread cookie crust, creamy filling with just a hint of spice from ground ginger and the perfect sweet-and-salty caramel topping. Who could resist that?

Get the Recipe: Spiced Chocolate Tart

White Coffee Gelato

Now this is our kind of cold brew! Whole coffee beans are steeped in a homemade gelato base for 12 hours, infusing it with a sweet and nutty flavor. The beans are strained out before the gelato goes into the ice cream machine, so it’s perfectly creamy when frozen.

Get the Recipe: White Coffee Gelato

Bread Pudding with Strawberry Sauce

There’s no better time of year for strawberries so why not use some in a special dessert for dad? Trisha uses them to make a simple sauce for spooning over old fashioned bread pudding. Easy and delicious!

Get the Recipe: Bread Pudding with Strawberry Sauce

Butterscotch Lava Cakes

Dad’s not much of a chocolate guy? These equally decadent and delicious molten cakes are butterscotch instead. Best of all, you can make the batter ahead of time – so Father’s Day dessert is even easier to make.

Get the Recipe: Butterscotch Lava Cakes

White Chocolate Orzo Pudding

If your dad likes rice pudding, he’ll love Giada’s twist on the classic. She incorporates traditional flavors like vanilla, cinnamon and orange zest, but gives the whole dessert a fun twist; she uses orzo instead of rice!

Get the Recipe: White Chocolate Orzo Pudding

Chocolate Stout Torta

This no-frills chocolate cake is perfect for Dad’s big day. A bit of stout in the batter gives the finished cake a deep, chocolatey flavor — and a dollop of bourbon-infused whipped cream makes the perfect finishing touch.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Stout Torta

Chocolate Dessert Salami

This might look like it belongs on your charcuterie board but don’t be fooled! This sweet treat is made with chocolate, coffee and nuts. The presentation is sure to make Dad’s day — but we’re pretty sure he’ll enjoy slicing the chocolate candy up and sharing it with his family even more.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Dessert Salami

Bourbon Bow Ties

Nothing says “dad” like a classic bow tie, even when it’s a cookie! This one is golden-brown, with flavors of bourbon and cinnamon — a treat Dad is sure to enjoy.

Get the Recipe: Bourbon Bow Ties

No-Bake Ricotta Espresso Cheesecake

This no-bake dessert couldn’t be easier. Just be sure to plan ahead. Although you only need about 30 minutes to whip one up, the cake needs at least 3 hours in the refrigerator to set.

Get the Recipe: No-Bake Ricotta Espresso Cheesecake

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