Cutest-Ever Easter Cupcakes

From sweet bunnies and chicks to sprouting springtime flowers, these almost-too-cute-to-eat cupcakes are perfect for any Easter celebration.

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Photo By: Stephen Murello


Chicken and Egg Cupcakes

You won't have to wonder which came first -- this cute cupcake features both a marshmallow chicken and a candy egg. Perch them both atop blue-tinted icing and green coconut grass.

Get the Recipe: Chick and Egg Cupcake

Little Lamb Cupcakes

Transform cupcakes into characters with our instructions to make tiny lambs from mini-marshmallows. Each little critter has jellybean ears and feet, a jujube nose and candy eyes.

Get the Recipe: Little Lamb Cupcake

Mini Egg Carton Cupcakes

All it takes is a good idea to turn mini vanilla cupcakes into an adorable pastel-colored Easter dessert.


Mini Egg Carton Cupcakes: Mini Egg Cupcakes

Chick Cupcakes

Be sure to grab one of these little cuties for yourself before you set them out for your guests — something tells us these cupcakes are going to quickly "fly" off your table.

Get the Recipe: Chick Cupcakes

Classic Yellow Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

Top off yellow cupcakes with classic chocolate frosting, then finish with an adorable duck-shaped cutout. Make the cookies yourself, or buy bakery cookies in the whimsical shape you like best.

Get the Recipe: Classic Yellow Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Frosting

Sprouting Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes

Looking for two ways to impress your guests this Easter? These sprouting carrot cupcakes are sure to do the trick. To make the surpise filling, cut a cone-shaped chunck out of your baked cupcakes with a paring knife and fill it with a heaping pile of orange icing. And be sure not to discard the cake pieces you cut out — you'll want to use them to create your crumbly and fudgey faux-soil topping.

Get the Recipe: Sprouting Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes

Snow Bunny Cupcakes

Transform a coconut-covered snack cake into a carrot-loving cupcake topper, complete with marshmallow ears and a jellybean nose.

Get the Recipe: Snow Bunny Cupcake

Cupcake Lollipops

Decked out in pretty Easter-inspired pastel colors, these sweet, swirled treats are perfect for snacking. Plus, you can assemble and refrigerate the cupcakes a day or two ahead.

Get the Recipe: Cupcake Lollipops

Chocolate-Glazed Tea Cakes

Turn a cupcake upside down and cover it with rich chocolate glaze to transform it into an individually sized dessert.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Glazed Tea-Cakes

Classic Cupcakes with Lemon Meringue Frosting

Top vanilla cupcakes with a sky-high dollop of fluffy, lemony frosting.

Get the Recipe: Classic Cupcakes with Lemon Meringue Frosting

Little Lamb Pull-Apart Cupcakes

This elaborate Easter dessert is surprisingly easy to pull off –– and fun. Kids will enjoy bringing the lamb to life by helping to decorate the face and legs with licorice candy.

Get the Recipe: Little Lamb Pull-Apart Cupcakes

Missy's Lemon and Blueberry Cupcakes

For a perfect presentation, Ree coats the blueberries in flour before dropping them into the batter-filled cups - this way, they won't sink to the bottom.

Get the Recipe: Missy's Lemon and Blueberry Cupcakes

Hummingbird Cupcakes

Top these sweet, spiced cupcakes with a generous dollop of cream cheese frosting and a caramelized banana slice. You can use a brulee torch or broiler to achieve the ideal caramel color.

Get the Recipe: Hummingbird Cupcakes

Creme Egg Cupcakes

We can't get enough Cadbury Creme Eggs this time of year, so we created our own version — in cupcake form.

Get the Recipe: Creme Egg Cupcakes

Bunny Face Cupcakes

Get the kids in the kitchen to help decorate these cupcakes to look like baby rabbits. Use licorice straws for whiskers and Jordan almond ears, or choose your favorite candy to make your own creation.

Get the Recipe: Bunny Face

Easter Flower Cupcakes

Echo the bright hues of spring's first blossoms with arrangement of pink candy-coated Jordan almonds. Fruit leather forms the stem, and sanding sugar adds sparkle to the fluffy icing canvas.

Get the Recipe: Easter Flower Cupcake

Robin's Egg Easter Basket Cupcakes

Cover your cupcake with candy-covered Easter eggs, perched atop coconut grass, for a playful take on a robin's springtime nest.

Get the Recipe: Robin's Egg Easter Basket Cupcake

Mini Marshmallow Flower

Give store-bough cupcakes (or homemade!) a springtime finish with this easy decorating technique that's perfect for Easter.

Get the Recipe: Mini Marshmallow Flower

Sparkling Baby Cakes

These bite-sized cupcakes are perfect for a festive dessert buffet. Prosecco adds an adult-friendly twist to the icing, while sparkling sanding sugar ensures these cupcakes are ready to celebrate.

Get the Recipe: Sparkling Baby Cakes

Chocolate Cupcakes with Double Chocolate Curls

These yummy cupcakes could not be easier. After whipping up a batch of one-bowl chocolate cupcakes, use your vegetable peeler to shave black and white chocolate curls over a dollop of fluffy cream cheese frosting.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cupcakes with Double Chocolate Curls

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