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Stars at Home: Scott Conant

Lifelong East Coaster Scott Conant gives us a tour of his Arizona dream home.

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Take A Look at Scott Conant's Arizona Dream Home

Scott Conant and his wife, Meltem, were so eager to leave New York City a few years ago, they bought this 4,000-square-foot house without ever setting foot in it. “I wanted to avoid those New York winters,” the Best Baker in America host says. “I move quick. I make a decision and I’m just like, ‘Let’s get it done.’ ” So the two longtime New Yorkers researched real estate in Arizona (a short flight from Las Vegas, where Scott now runs Masso Osteria) and committed to this Scottsdale home after seeing photos of it online. The couple already had the furniture to fill it: They’d been stockpiling pieces from around the world, waiting for the right house to come along for their family, including girls Ayla, 9, and Karya, 6. “There’s such a peaceful vibe here,” Scott says. “Our friends from New York always want to come visit.”

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Dining Room

A heavy wood dining table that the Conants brought from New York anchors the space and serves as a homework spot for Ayla and Karya. A huge window lets in light, which gets amplified by the three-tiered chandelier. The framed art is a necklace Meltem found in Bali.

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A mirrored Paul Evans buffet holds some of the family’s favorite photos and travel finds. The wood birdcage is from Thailand, but it reminds Scott of his dad, who passed away a few years ago. “Every time I moved, it broke, and my father would spend lots of time fixing it for me,” Scott says.

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Seating Area

This cabinet is topped with some of the Conants’ prized possessions, including a vase of paper flowers their daughters crafted and a stuppah (a Buddhist shrine) that Meltem picked up in China. The painting is by artist Genie Maples.

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