21 Fun Facts About Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee is best known for her semi-homemade cooking style, but how much do you really know about the Emmy Award-winning chef and TV host? 

Get to Know Sandra Lee

There's more to Sandra Lee than her recipe shortcuts and fabulous tablescapes. Read on to learn about her favorite foods, where she loves to visit and what she'd be doing if she wasn't a chef. 

Her Culinary Icon Is Julia Child

"What I learned from her is that the beauty about this business is it has no limitations and you can do it for the rest of your life, because everybody has to eat."

Favorite Childhood Dish: Lasagna

"My grandmother’s lasagna was out of this world. My sister makes it perfectly."

She's a Kid at Heart

"I was raised Jehovah’s Witness. We didn’t have Halloween. One of the beautiful things about that is it really allows me as an adult to see things differently. Because I didn’t experience it. I still, every Halloween, get silly and giddy and dress up just like a kid does."

Favorite Vacation Spot: Saint Tropez or Santorini

She Makes a Great Cher

"I probably do the best impersonation of her."

Favorite Past Halloween Costume: The Mad Hatter

She Loves Avocados

It's the one ingredient she can't leave the grocery store without. 

Must-Have in the Kitchen: Paper Towels

Her Granola Is Competition-Ready

"I will throw down anybody with my granola, including Bobby Flay."

Pot Roast Potluck

"If it’s a fancy occasion or something that’s a little bit more upscale I’ll do a pot roast," Sandra says of her potluck menu. "If it’s something that’s more kind of weekend, fun, football-driven, slow-cooker chili."

She's the Consummate Hostess

"A warm greeting with a beautiful cocktail" welcomes all of Sandra's dinner party guests. 

She Cooks to a Tune

"If it’s the morning it could be George Winston or anything classical," Sandra says of the music she enjoys cooking to. "Midday it’s usually 80s and 90s and by the evening it’s probably something a little bit like classic rock. I love Led Zeppelin and Bad Company."

Favorite Food City: NYC

"I don’t visit; I live there. I got tired of visiting and moved."

She Re-Creates Her Favorite Restaurant Dishes

"There was a famous Mexican restaurant in La Crosse, Wisconsin when I was in high school and college called Esteban, and they made a dish called La Chalupa, which was basically a really fabulous Mexican pizza, and I recreated the recipe when they went out of business, but it was my favorite place in the whole world to eat."

Get the Recipe: Las Chalupas

Something We'll Never Catch Her Eating or Cooking With: Lima Beans

Favorite Karaoke Song: "Don't Stop Believin'"

"Isn’t it everybody’s?"

Takeout Over Homemade: Chinese

Favorite Quick Weeknight Meal: Tacos

She Could Have Been a Grammy Winner

"I really have an eclectic music range, and that was the other business I thought I wanted to go into. If I wasn’t in [this] business, I’d be in the music business."

Something She Could Eat Forever: Bacon

Last Supper: Wolfgang Puck’s Shanghai Lobster

Watch the Video: Sandra Lee: Shanghai Lobster

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