My grandmother started the whole tradition when she began making this delicious treat in the 1940s. The recipe has been handed down from her to my mother and finally to me. Today, I am the one in charge of making it for our family during Christmas. I have modified the recipe from the original since my turn at bat came back in the late '70s. In my mind's eye I can see family members past and present losing their belts to enjoy it. And I hope you find it as wonderful as we do!
Recipe courtesy of Gil Davis
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In a cold metal bowl, beat the whipping cream to the soft peak stage and add the sugar and vanilla extract slowly. As the whipping cream comes up to the hard peak stage, add the whiskey slowly. (Sample to insure taste.)

In a food processor, grind 3/4 of the slivered almonds into a fine powder. Place in a bowl and set aside. (Reserve 1/4 as decoration during final assembly.)

Assembly: Begin by placing one wafer on your tray. Paint the top of it with a thin layer of Hershey's sauce. Next add a teaspoon of the ground almonds and spread it evenly. Then add a teaspoon of the whipping cream mixture.

Repeat this until you have 6 layers and top it with a dollop of whipping cream. Add a cherry to the top of each stack and a few whole slivered almonds. Then garnish lightly with the Decor Nonpariels. Cover the completed pan of stacks with a sheet of Glad wrap and put them into the refrigerator overnight.

Note: The whipping cream will soften the wafers. You will need to serve and eat these stacks within the next two or three days. After that the cream starts to harden and they don't taste a good. ENJOY!

This recipe will yield two trays of 24 stacks. Two per person will serve 12. You will need two aluminum roasting pans to hold the completed dessert.

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