Recipe courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine

Haunted Graham Cracker House

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1 can chocolate frosting

1 empty cardboard cereal box or cracker box

1 box chocolate graham crackers

Candies such as black shoestring and twisted black licorice, orange candy corns, orange Tic

1 bag marshmallows

Tacs, M&M's and Necco wafers

1 box chocolate cookies crushed


Special equipment:
1 empty cardboard cereal box or cracker box
  1. Arrange the empty cardboard cereal or cracker box upright on a piece of aluminum foil-covered cardboard (you can tape it down to secure it). Tape the top flaps of the box together to form a pitched roof. Frost the whole box with chocolate frosting and then stick on the graham crackers onto the sides and roof of the box. Fill in the cracks by squeezing the frosting through a pastry bag with plain tip (you can also use a plastic bag with a small hole cut from the corner). Draw crooked windows with the frosting and board them up with graham cracker scraps. Shingle the roof with candy corns. To add a porch, glue with the frosting a graham cracker horizontally to the side of the house and support it with licorice or candy sticks. For a backyard graveyard, flatten the marshmallows, snip off the side with scissors and use frosting to stand them up and decorate with "R.I.P.". Add a crooked walkway of Necco wafers and a "Keep Out" sign with a wafer written in frosting. Sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies to fill in the yard and decorate house with candies.