Spicy Food Favorites

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Homemade Chili Powder

Fresh chili powder is a simple way to add some kick to your next meal.

Spice-Inspired Cuisines

Thai Takeout Menu

Start with a curry soup, then try Alton's tofu and shrimp Pad Thai.

Alton's Tofu Pad Thai

Rachael's Mexican Menu

From pork tacos to margaritas, your weeknight fiesta is covered.

Easy-to-Make Mexican Favorites

Easy Indian Menu

Create these traditional Indian dishes in your own kitchen.

Modern Takes on Spicy Classics

Spicy Facts

A World of Condiments

Spice up your sauce arsenal with condiments from all over.

Sriracha, Gochujang and Piri-Piri

Pick Your Pepper


Balance chiles with brown sugar for this Latin burger topping.

Make a Spicy Relish

Scotch Bonnet

Bobby adds a Scotch bonnet pepper to his chicken wing brine.

Serve in a Honey Glaze


Turn cucumbers into spicy snacks with dried arbol chiles.

Grind Your Own Spicy Salt