Homemade Chili Powder
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Spice-Inspired Cuisines

Thai Takeout Menu

Start with a curry soup, then try Alton's tofu and shrimp Pad Thai.

Alton's Tofu Pad Thai

Rachael's Mexican Menu

From pork tacos to margaritas, your weeknight fiesta is covered.

Easy-to-Make Mexican Favorites

Easy Indian Menu

Create these traditional Indian dishes in your own kitchen.

Modern Takes on Spicy Classics

Bobby's Fiery Favorites

The Pow of Chili Powder

Cocktails with a Kick

The New Sauce: Sambal

Have You Heard of Harissa?

Stars Love Sriracha

Spicy Facts

Pick Your Pepper


Balance chiles with brown sugar for this Latin burger topping.

Make a Spicy Relish

Scotch Bonnet

Bobby adds a Scotch bonnet pepper to his chicken wing brine.

Serve in a Honey Glaze


Turn cucumbers into spicy snacks with dried arbol chiles.

Grind Your Own Spicy Salt

Spice on the Side

Spice up any meal with bold, peppery sides.

Spicy Cumin Fries