On the Set of Big Cheese in Los Angeles

Take a peek at the ooey-gooey masterpieces brothers Charlie and Michael Kalish will dive into while on the road in LA.

Learning from the Master

Chef Eric Greenspan has long been considered the unofficial guru of grilled cheese himself. Here the guys learn his secrets while visiting his shop, Greenspan's Grilled Cheese.

Pizzanista Pizzazz

Behind the counter at Pizzanista, Michael gets a lesson on the eatery's famously cheesy pies.

Pies Aplenty

With toppings like fresh vegetables, mushrooms, meat and, of course, the famed macaroni and cheese, there's a pizza for every personality at Pizzanista.

For the Love of Cheese

Seems like the decadence of all that cheese may have gone straight to Michael's head. 

Cheese, Reimagined

No longer is cheese just an ingredient. At Forma, wheels of pecorino are used as vessels in which to toss the pasta too. As the warm noodles are mixed with the sauce, they quickly pick up the rich flavor of the pecorino.

Cacio e Pepe 2.0

Those bits of black pepper studded among the pasta add bold flavor and a welcome texture to this hearty, comforting pasta at Forma.

Mission: Beer Belly

Charlie and Michael strike a pose in front of Beer Belly in Los Angeles' Koreatown neighborhood. The guys are here to sample the bar's beloved four-cheese grilled cheese.

Bring On the Bacon

Not only is this ooey-gooey grilled cheese made with four varieties of melty cheeses, but it's also layered with — what else? — smoky bacon, which delivers a welcome salty bite. 

Want More Big Cheese?

Find out more about Michael and Charlie Kalish, and learn about their passion for all things cheese.

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