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Experience the thrill of getting a personal lesson from a renowned chef. Learn their secrets. Share insights into flavor, spice and more, all on the only show that brings some of the world's most notable chefs into viewers' homes and personal recipe files.

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Herbed Ricotta Cheese Spread

After Dinner Mints

Candied Yams

Broiled Strawberry and Peach Kebabs

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Roast Hanger Steak, Port Wine and Shiitake Mushroom with Roast Shallots

Souffle of Dover Sole with Crab, Ginger and Lemon Grass

Chestnut Honey-Baked Pears Stuffed with Mascarpone

Grilled Jalapeno Polenta with Sweet and Sour Chutney

House Smoked Salmon, Potato, Grilled Stack, with Chive Mousse, garnished with Vegetable Ceviche

Basil Oil

Potage St. Cloud

Tuna Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Chocolate Shooting Stars with Strawberry Coulis

Pomegranate Lamb

Lobster Deviled Eggs

Black Mission Fig Yogurt Salad

Portobello Steak and Scallion Potato Tower

Seafood Chili

Crisp Duck with Whipped Taro Root and Taro Chips

Chocolate Chestnut Buche de Noel

Grilled Eggplant Soup

Baked Whole Sea Bass Citrus

Paillard of Salmon with a Ginger Shallot Vinaigrette, Baby Greens with Papaya and Basil

White Bean Salad with Grilled Shiitake, Shallots and Smoked Sturgeon

Sea Bass in Celery Leek Broth with Provencal Vegetable Ravioli

Baked Tofu Szechuan Style