Season 1, Episode 5

Chili Challenge Cook-Off

Chef Jan Birnbaum and Michael go head to head to create their versions of this spicy classic; then the neighbors get to judge who does it best. It's a hot pot party complete with the fixins!

Morning of Chili Challenge Cook off:

  • Chop, season and brown meat and vegetables for Chiarello Chicken And White Bean Chili With Veggies.

  • Add vegetables, thin out with wine, broth and paste, simmer for one hour.

  • Pit, peel, and grill avocadoes on open flame for Green Goddess Dressing.

  • Mix, puree and refrigerate Green Goddess Dressing.

  • Mix, puree and refrigerate Bloody Bull mix.

  • Add final red peppers, white beans and other vegetables to Chiarello Chicken And White Bean Chili with Veggies, simmer for another few minutes and refrigerate until serving.

2 Hours before Chili Challenge Cook off:

  • Brown meats, sauté with vegetables, chilies, spices and flour, thin out with broth, beer, and ground tortilla mixture and allow to simmer for one hour for Green Duck Chili.

  • Assemble and serve Bloody Bull cocktails.

  • Cut iceberg wedges, top with Green Goddess Dressing, and serve.

  • Garnish and serve chilies side by side, or separately.

Beverages: Bloody Bull Cocktails, Beer

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