Guy's Chance of a Lifetime: Meet the Competitors

Get to know the seven brave chefs competing in the most intense job interview EVER!

Welcome to the Ultimate Job Interview

Guy Fieri is putting seven chefs to the test to see who has what it takes to fry up success and take over one of his Chicken Guy franchises.

Kevin Cooper — Philadelphia

Growing up poor in North Philly including being homeless for a time when he was eight years old Kevin Cooper always knew there was more in store for him and that he would work hard to get it. That initially meant joining the Army as a way out of his rough neighborhood; serving in the armed forces provided him with the opportunity to taste food from all over the world, which made him want to pursue a cooking career. After years of working in restaurants, Kevin eventually branched out on his own, opening catering company Succulent Imagination. However, the business almost didn’t survive the pandemic; in fact, Kevin had to quit his job cooking at a healthcare facility in order to save it. Prior to him leaving, cooking at the facility during COVID was incredibly intense, as death was a daily factor. Kevin humbly tried to provide residents with the best food possible, giving them a small bright spot during a difficult time. Now this Army vet and naturally born leader is ready to get to the next level by showcasing his talent and leadership skills, proving to Guy that he’s the man for the job and making his family proud.

Chase Davis — Atlanta

When he was only nine, Chase Davis and his friends would wake up after sleepovers and challenge each other to see who could make the best breakfast; Chase always won. He’s had a natural affinity in the kitchen since he was a kid; taking culinary classes in high school only reinforced that he was destined for a career in food. After graduating college with a bachelor's in food and nutrition management, he worked at a country club before his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he decided to open a food truck. He had a clear, well-thought-out vision for King Kabob but it was near impossible for him to get the banks to see it. After being turned down for loans 10 times, he stopped counting because it was so discouraging. However, Chase is nothing if not persistent; he got a loan for a fictional wedding and put it toward the truck. Since then, King Kabob has been named the Best Food Truck in Atlanta several years in a row, serving everything from fried chicken and waffles to low country boil on a stick. Chase has proven that he can take an idea from a seed to a success, and he plans to do the same with Chicken Guy.

Cayton Flippen — Paris, TX

Someone once said of Cayton Flippen "he may be a bit crazy, but one thing is for sure, he’s not lazy." A small-town boy from Texas who always felt drawn to the restaurant industry, he started out waiting tables before working his way up to where he is now a food service business development manager and owner of a diner. His business administration degree gets put to good use when figuring out how to make businesses profitable, but he also has a natural instinct about what customers want, from menu to atmosphere to service. Endlessly energetic and motivated, Cayton makes the most out of every hour of the day, ensuring that he hits his goals and pushing the limits of what he can do. This good ol’ country boy with city street smarts is ready to bring his relentless work ethic and big dreams to a Chicken Guy franchise. He knows what customers want and how to make concept succeed and he’s going to prove it to Guy.

Eboni Henry — Dallas

Yes, she’s gorgeous, her makeup is on-point, and her nickname is the Twerking Chef but don’t underestimate Eboni Henry. This is a woman who understands restaurants inside and out, while her aggressive management style ruffles some feathers, she always managers to get the job done. A native of the South Side of Chicago, Eboni had a rough childhood including stints of homelessness. As a result, no one works harder; you can often find her in heels running circles around everyone in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected her family and their financials; she lost her job and, with a husband in the military and four kids to provide for, they definitely depend on Eboni’s income to make ends meet. Bills began to pile up and, even though she eventually found a job, she still feels the effects of being unemployed during that time. Now this feisty go-getter is ready for more. She says Dallas has good BBQ, but they are in desperate need of good chicken and she’s the one to pick to make the business successful. The "female Guy, dipped in black chocolate" is ready to knock it out of the park.

Chelsea Sargent-Lira — Houston

Chelsea Sargent’s father was a petroleum engineer, so she grew up all over the world, including Dubai and Scotland. That exposed her at an early age to global cuisines and laid the groundwork for her passion for cooking. She went on to work in restaurants and other facilities before launching Houston Grazing Tables, her customized catering company. Everything was going as planned until the pandemic hit and suddenly all of Chelsea’s orders were canceled and she had to refund over $10,000 to clients. It was a devastating setback and a position Chelsea never wants to be in again. She’s been inspired by Guy and how he swopped in to help the industry during a trying time. Her dream is to own a Chicken Guy franchise not only because she knows she could make it successful, but also because it would ultimately put her in a position to help others through tough times. Having struggled with body positivity, anxiety and depression, Chelsea has worked hard to love herself and cooking was instrumental in her getting to that point. With her big personality and years of restaurant and cooking experience, she’s ready to spread some positivity around through Chicken Guy.

Phillip Tomasso — Rochester, NY

Cooking saved Phillip Tomasso; on the verge of dropping out of high school, enrolling in a culinary arts program changed the trajectory of his life. Having grown up at the poverty line, Phillip now does all he can to ensure success for himself and his family, including working two demanding jobs: one as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and one as the co-owner of Something Delicious Bakeshop. That means consistent 15- to 20-hour days and little sleep, made even worse by the pandemic, which increased stress at both jobs. 9-1-1 was flooded with calls from a scared public, while the bakeshop was not making any money during lockdowns. In addition, Phillip has had to support his wife through two crippling genetic diseases that left her immobile for years. When fertility issues ensued, the couple decided to become foster parents. To say things haven’t been easy would be an understatement, but Phillip keeps rolling with the punches and working hard for his family. He sees Chicken Guy as a potential major turning point in his life and would allow him to get in on the ground floor of a huge opportunity and run it. After years of setbacks and stress, having the chance to work with Guy would mean the world to him and his family’s future.

Douglas Walls — Black Mountain, NC

Douglas Walls has worked as a chef for over a decade and has loved every minute of it up until this past year. First a fire shut down the kitchen where he worked and then, right after they re-opened, the pandemic shut them down again. He went from serving 100,000 people a year to For a type-A alpha chef who runs a tight ship and prides himself on his food and leadership skills, not being able to thrive in a kitchen drove him insane. It also pushed back his dreams of opening his own restaurant, something he sees as near impossible at this point, with restaurants all around Asheville shutting down. Douglas brings the same energy as Guy to everything he does and is no stranger to hard work or tough times. After surviving a brutal divorce, he knows he has the grit to handle anything including launching a Chicken Guy franchise. He’s ready to make his dream of owning a restaurant come true and sees this opportunity as his golden bridge complete with Guy’s stamp of approval!