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Meet the Teams, Host and Judges from Halloween Wars, Season 5

Get to know the teams competing for a $50,000 prize, then check out the panel overseeing the Halloween Wars, Season 5 scare.
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2 Ghouls and a Guy

Diane Fehder is the cake artist on team 2 Ghouls and a Guy. Her partners are sugar artist Jeff Munchel and pumpkin carver Bridget McCarty.

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Gore Mayhem

Gore Mayhem's cake artist is Heidi Trelstad, while Rocio Varela is the sugar artist and Dean Murray is the pumpkin carver.

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Morbid Morticians

Comprising Morbid Morticians are Rebecca Wortman as the sugar artist, Doug Goodreau as the pumpkin carver and Renay Zamora as the cake artist.

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Scream Team

Adam Bierton is the pumpkin carver on the Scream Team, while Robert Teddy is the cake artist and Darci Rochau serves as sugar artist.

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