Meet the Teams, Host and Judges from Halloween Wars, Season 5

Get to know the teams competing for a $50,000 prize, then check out the panel overseeing the Halloween Wars, Season 5 scare.

2 Ghouls and a Guy

Diane Fehder is the cake artist on team 2 Ghouls and a Guy. Her partners are sugar artist Jeff Munchel and pumpkin carver Bridget McCarty.

Gore Mayhem

Gore Mayhem's cake artist is Heidi Trelstad, while Rocio Varela is the sugar artist and Dean Murray is the pumpkin carver.

Morbid Morticians

Comprising Morbid Morticians are Rebecca Wortman as the sugar artist, Doug Goodreau as the pumpkin carver and Renay Zamora as the cake artist.

Scream Team

Adam Bierton is the pumpkin carver on the Scream Team, while Robert Teddy is the cake artist and Darci Rochau serves as sugar artist.

Spell Binders

Team Spell Binders is made up of Kristen Lovullo, the cake artist, as well as pumpkin carver Joseph Yakovetic and Charity George, the sugar artist.

Rossi Morreale

A former college football player, now an actor and producer, Rossi is set to host Halloween Wars this season.


Shinmin Li

Returning to judge this year is famed pastry chef Shinmin.

Brian Kinney

Brian, a Dark Skies makeup artist, will also be on hand again this year as a recurring judge.

Robin Atkin Downes

Robin, whom you may know as The Master on TV's The Strain, will be a judge in the first round of competition.

Benjamin Papac

Benjamin, an actor on The Walking Dead, will be a guest judge of the second battle this season.

Bex Taylor-Klaus

No stranger to horror or scare, Bex has starred in Scream on TV. She'll be taking her place at the judges' table in Episode 3.


Who better to guest-star in the final episode of Season 5 than the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira.

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