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Successful Scares: See the Winning Designs from Halloween Wars, Season 6

Check out judges' picks of top designs from each challenge in Season 6.
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Finale: Bugging Out

The Underbakers won the last Small Scare challenge of the season with a depiction of a creepy-crawly contest between a beetle and a centipede. "This thing is nightmarish," declared judge Don Mancini. "The way the beetle has killed the centipede — it's making me worried about what it's going to do to me."

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I Do … They Don't

"This has definitely been the most-rewarding feeling I've ever felt in my life," Al said after his team, Sugar Psychos, claimed the coveted grand prize of $50,000 after an impressive first-place finish on Halloween Wars. In the finale Spine Chiller challenge, he and his teammates created a three-character wedding display featuring a knife-wielding bride at the helm, and the judges were smitten with the design. "You guys are really, really masters at creating tension," judge Shinmin Li told them, "and it's because of the dynamic movement that we can see in these characters."

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Week 4: Paging Doctor Halloween

The remaining three teams had to bring to life the scene of a villainous doctor, and Crypt Cookers earned the judges' top praise with its depiction of a rabbit-turned-horrific-bat-rat. "It's really demented," notes judge Don Mancini. "He seems really threatening."

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The Inner Workings of a Mausoleum

For the fourth week in a row, the guys of Sugar Psychos took home the Round 2 win, much to their delight. In a mausoleum-focused design challenge, they showcased evil bakers in a postmortem world, and the judges were smitten with their achievements. "I love the storyline. It's really clever," judge Shinmin Li told them. "I love the detail of that [baker] Sal has apparently pulled his own eye out and he's going to contribute his eye to the cake," Don adds.

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