Top Tricks and Treats Seen on Halloween Wars

Browse snapshots of some of the most-bone-chilling constructions crafted by artists on past seasons of Food Network's Halloween Wars.

Bumps and Boils

This wart-covered monster may have been made for a Small Scare challenge, but that doesn't make its presence any less haunting. 

Finger Thief

Notice what this creature is holding in his devilish grip: a pair of fingers, which he's nearly gnawing on.

Farming Gone Wrong

This poor farmer never stood a chance against the evils in his field, as his skull was turned into a scarecrow while an evil moon looked on from the sky.


Green skin, an oversize tongue and what looks to be innards that have been thrust outward — this long-clawed creature is indeed menacing.

Ghostly Glow

Notice the bright-red eyes staring back at you from this fanged monster; they complete his sinister look.

Freaky Flier

The bulging eyes and sharp-looking fangs only add to this bird's demonic personality.

Shining Gremlin

The name of the game in this round was a devil-inspired creation that glows in the dark. This horned offering, seemingly rising from an overflowing pool of green goop, surely fills the bill.  

Sweet Heat

Team Psychotic Misfits' take on a Satan-inspired creation boasts a bed of illuminated sugar flames.

School Days

Host Justin Willman asked for a Spine Chiller evocative of "zombie prom," and Team Black Magic produced a prom queen holding the head of her would-be king. 

Hilarious Scare

With a license plate that read "Cool 2B Dead," Team Twisted Trio injected a touch of humor in its over-the-top display.

Dead Entertainment

This was no example of live television when Black Magic fashioned a hand reaching out from within the set. 

Never Letting Go

Team Skeleton Crew's display shows off a victim in the death grips of a monstrous snake, made out of pumpkin.

After Dark

In the Season 3 finale, Justin asked the top two teams to make a nightmare-inspired creation, and Team Psychotic Misfits delivered with a bony sandman hovering over a seemingly terrified child in bed.

Winning with Fear

Made out of a combination of pumpkin, rice cereal treats and sugar, Team Black Magic's boogeyman-style display wowed the judges and earned the group a $50,000 prize.

Head of Halloween

A tricked-out jack-o'-lantern that has seemingly come to life, this creepy mister is oozing with faux blood.

Carnival Creeper

This unfriendly clown has claimed his latest victim, gnawing on her leg with a mouthful of rotting teeth.

Pop-Up Surprise

Wide-eyed and big-eared, a four-fingered monster rears its head outside of a seemingly benign carved pumpkin.

Tower of Terror

This menacing monstrosity features a pumpkin witch as a topping and a bony hand as a middle base.

Balloon Animals Gone Bad

Complete with a signature red nose, this practically life-size clown may look innocent enough, but rather than creating a sweet balloon design, he's sculpted a fanged monster that's anything but endearing.

Haunted House

This sprawling spooky estate features a pumpkin patch beyond the graveyard and several chilling guests, including ghosts, a bat and a black cat.

Out-of-Body Experience

Standing atop a grave, this sinister couple admires its fallen victim's still-bloody heart.

Tree of Fears

A pair of ghosts perched atop a tree stump is the focal point of this terrifying tower of a masterpiece.

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