Halloween Wars Season 2: Horrifying Cakes

On Food Network's Halloween Wars, teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, a cake decorator and a sugar artist go to battle to create mind-blowing Halloween-themed displays.
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Big and Bold Clown

During an early challenge the contestants created creepy clowns using pumpkins and candy.

Devious Clown

Don't be fooled by the cute balloon animal made from blown sugar; this evil clown is hiding a nasty surprise behind his back.

Ghastly Ghoul and Goblin

In another challenge, the teams were asked to create a display featuring a ghoul or goblin. This creation has both: A spun-sugar ghoul escapes from a goblin being devoured by a possessed pumpkin.

Creepy Jack-O'-Lantern

A sinister goblin hides in a pumpkin patch, waiting to snatch unsuspecting children. "This thing screams Halloween," say the judges.

Terrifying Green Goblin

Watch out for this bright-eyed goblin who jumps out of a jack-o'-lantern when trick-or-treaters stop by.

Garish Goblin

You don't want to cross paths with this hungry goblin late at night — you might become a meal like this unfortunate rat.

Graveyard Ghoul

Although this graveyard scene is made of cake, white chocolate and red corn syrup, there's nothing sweet about this ghoul finishing a midnight snack.

Perilous Puppet

Competitors race to build a cursed jack-in-the-box made of cake, gingerbread and cotton candy.

Deadly Eyes

The team aims to create a face that will "knock the judges off their feet."

Circus Cannibal

A mutant alien clown with cotton-candy hair finishes off his unfortunate victim.

Angel of Death

This display captures a victim's last minute of freedom as the Grim Reaper rows him down the River Styx to the gates of hell.

Pumpkin Monster

In the hands of a talented team, a pumpkin becomes a monster hiding in a closet with pulled sugar for eyes and bubblegum as its tongue.

Horrific Hybrid

Sugar and cake are transformed into this science experiment gone wrong: a fly combined with a monkey.

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