The Most Shocking Creations Seen on Halloween Wars, Season 11

Check out these scary-good designs featuring possessed toys, circus-acts-gone-wrong, ghoulish vampires and more sinister scenes.

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Photo By: Sean Rosenthal

Week 7: Mischievous Monsters, Thunderbird Battling Evil Serpent Man

Week 7: Ghosts with the Most, Hell Hound Battling Werecougar

Week 6: Mischievous Monsters, Dracula in Goat Yoga Class

Week 6: Ghosts with the Most, Vampires Playing Poker for Kittens

Week 6: Pumpkin to Talk About, Money Hungry Vampire

Week 5: Ghosts with the Most, Zombie Grandma

Week 5: Tomb Shakers, Lost Soul of a Forgotten Child

Week 5: Mischievous Monsters, Furnace Monster

Week 5: Pumpkin to Talk About, Ghost Girl Hiding in the Basement

Week 4: Mischievous Monsters, Pirate Boat Ship

Week 4: Ghosts with the Most, Madame Zima

Week 4: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun, Giggles the Evil Clown

Week 4: Pumpkin to Talk About, Fire Demon Carousel Horse

Week 4: Tomb Shakers, Sword Swallower

Week 3: Tomb Shakers, Angus the Bone Collector

Week 3: Pumpkin to Talk About, Wendigo

Week 3: Mischievous Monsters, Baba Yaga

Week 3: Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun, Tah-Tah-Kle’-Ah the Giant Owl Witch

Week 3: Ghosts with the Most, La Llorona

Week 3: Cake Coven, Dullahan

Week 2: Darkside Decorators, Gomez in Stalagmite Cave

Week 2: Mischievous Monsters, Spa Day

Week 2: Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun, Pugsley Surfing with Monster

Week 2: Pumpkin to Talk About, Killer Cake

Week 1: Whipped Scream, Possessed Toy Box

Week 1: Ghosts with the Most, Belle the Possessed Toy

Week 1: Tomb Shakers, Possessed Piggy Bank

Week 1: Cake Coven, When Blocks Attack