Top Moments and Creepiest Designs Seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9

Step inside the competition for a look at the spookiest creations.

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Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Michael Moriatis

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Week 4: Blood Thirsty Competition

Jonathan kicked off this week’s Small Scare with a costume that exemplified the classic vampire look. However, the teams were challenged to re-vamp the character into something new but still thirsty for blood.

Welcome to the Judges’ Table

Todd Tucker and Shinmin Li discuss the amazing displays with the guest judge, Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone.

Top Honors

Team Trio of Terror pulled out their first win of the season with this hip-hop vampire sporting sugar sunglasses and a sugar gold chain that lets everyone know his favorite blood type.

Jack-O-Lantern Frost

The Spine Chiller Challenge tasked the teams to create a display featuring other holiday mascots enjoying a Halloween night out. Tator and Trio of Terror suspended a pumpkin and cereal treat Jack Frost in the air over a slide made completely of sugar.

The Not-So-Naughty List

James made on an extremely detailed and impressive pumpkin Krampus, who, despite his typical punishing demon character, just wants a night of Halloween fun.

Santa’s Scary Workshop

Buttercream Beasts took home yet another win — their third in a row! Their gigantic clown Santa and minion elves feasting on all the Halloween candy brought their story to life.

Week 3: Dinner’s Revenge

Beth of Buttercream Beasts is working on covering the pumpkin scallop in fondant for this week's Small Scare Challenge. Imagine what would happen if your dinner came to life and started eating you instead!

All Pied Up

Team Burned at the Cake brought an angry pumpkin to life and it's getting its revenge by enjoying a thick slice of human pie. YIKES!

Killer Burger

The Frosted Freakshows took home their second Small Scare win in a row with this killer burger made from pumpkin, fondant, rice cereal treats and pulled sugar. He feasts on anyone who tries to feast on him.


Come Round 2, Frosted Freakshow had James making lots and lots of potato bees for their swarm-inspired Spine Chiller display.

Wicked Water Tower

Team Trio of Terror decided to make a swarm of crows attacking a man who wanted to take a stroll through the park. Tator carved a fully functioning, life-sized three-tiered water fountain out of pumpkin.

Mad, Mad, Mad Science

This week marked the second one in a row that Team Buttercream Beasts won the Spine Chiller challenge. The judges appreciated their swarm of killer potato bunnies, which featured a leader made from a combo of rice cereal treats and cake. Beth used her hands to paint on the buttercream, which gives the bunny a furlike finish.

Week 2: Sweet Redemption

In Week 1, Angela, who was the original sugar artist on Team Buttercream Beasts, left the competition after the Small Scare Challenge and didn't return. Luckily for the team, though, sugar artist Rebecca from the fallen team, Hangry Haunters, volunteered to help get them back in the game.

Night at the (Haunted) Museum

Trio of Terror celebrated after finishing this week’s Small Scare Challenge: combine cake, sugar and pumpkin to create an exhibit from a haunted museum that came to life.

Extinction Domination

Frosted Freakshow won this one with their mummified T-rex who’s ready to trick-or-treat. The judges loved the costumed creature and were impressed with the detail James put into the sweet potato head.


Buttercream Beasts wowed the judges with their take on the zombie dating show spine chiller. Beth hung life-size cake and cereal treat zombie body pieces to pull out a win.

Taste Test

In the Spince Chiller, each teams provided a tasting element that pleased the judges, but for Trio of Terror, it was the make-or-break element of their display. Froggie’s green tea cheesecake saved them and sent Malicious Mavens to the graveyard.

Group Pic

Jonathan and the five teams take a huge group selfie in front of the Spine Chiller displays as week 2 comes to a close.

Week 1: The Darkest Hour

Look who visited the judges’ table this week! None other than Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, joined returning favorites Todd Tucker and Shinmin Li.

Beary Scary

In a small scare called The Stuffed Animals’ Evil Twin, Team Malicious Mavens won with their dark and scary opposite of a cute and cuddly bedtime pal. This devil teddy, made of pumpkin and rice cereal treats, has a hypno-wheel made of sugar.

Sugar, Sugar

Right out of the gate, the judges were impressed with Julian’s sugar work for Team Burned at the Cake’s small scare. Shinmin Li said he “pulled it exactly at the right temperature” to create a beautiful yet creepy demon tongue.

Never Ending Nightmare

This challenge was to create a display about a nightmare you couldn’t wake up from. For Beth and Matt, that nightmare was their sugar artist, Angela becoming too sick to continue on in the challenge. The Buttercream Beasts were left to complete their demon filled swamp without their third member.


Team Trio of Terror’s pumpkin carver, Tator, watches as their cake artist, Kristen, forms the face for their boy whose nightmare is a bed full of spiders.

Mother May I

Team Burned at the Cake took home the first spine chiller win of the season. Their never-ending nightmare featured a little girl who, when she sought comfort in her mother after a demon filled nightmare, was terrified to find out that the mother was really the demon all along.

Pumpkin artist James Hall adds detail to Frosted Freakshow's Spine Chiller , as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9.

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