Meet the Teams, Host and Judges from Halloween Wars, Season 3

Get to know the teams of warriors competing for a $50,000 prize, plus the host and judges overseeing the contestants, on Food Network's Halloween Wars, Season 3.

Twisted Trio

Team Twisted Trio features Robert Childers, a pumpkin carver, cake artist Veronique de Groot and candy craftswoman Heather Hurlbert.

Black Magic

Team Black Magic is made up of a cake artist, Sarah Ono Jones, a candy craftsman, Jeff Ontiveros, and a pumpkin carver, Gabriel Vinas.

Skeleton Crew

Team Skeleton Crew is made up of pumpkin carver Jon Neill, candy craftsman Santosh Tiptur and cake artist Mark Lie.

Psychotic Misfits

Team Psychotic Misfits features Brian Stevens, a cake artist, Teresa Shurilla, a candy craftswoman, and Dave Smith, a pumpkin carver.

Crypt Creepers

Team Crypt Creepers is made up of pumpkin carver Sue Beatrice, cake artist Benny Rivera and candy craftsman Robert Lombardi.

Justin Willman

Not only does Justin host Halloween Wars, but he also hosts the sweet competition Cupcake Wars.

Shinmin Li

Shinmin Li, an accomplished pastry chef specializing in handcrafted cakes, is a regular judge on Halloween Wars, Season 3.

Brian Kinney

Brian Kinney is a makeup artist known for creating ghoulishly good transformations in the movie Dark Skies and is a recurring judge on Halloween Wars, Season 3.

Danielle Harris

Best known for her roles in the Halloween movie series, Danielle Harris guest judges Episode 1.

Tony Todd

Dubbed "Candyman" in the movie of the same name, Tony Todd spooked the teams as a guest judge on Episode 2.

Charlaine Harris

Guest judge on Episode 3 Charlaine Harris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, adapted for television as True Blood.

Derek Mears

The guest judge on the fourth and final episode is Derek Mears, an actor best known for starring in Friday the 13th.

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