Season 1, Episode 1

Breakfast Best Bets

Chef George Stella whips up a tasty breakfast that won’t even make you miss the carbs. He makes what he calls The World’s Tallest Omelet filled with steak, spinach and some grated cheddar cheese; a plate of blueberry muffins made from soy flour; and low carb maple pecan pancakes topped with a little bit of butter. To finish off the meal he makes some fresh whipped cream (with a sugar substitute) to accent the subtle sweetness of a small bowl of strawberries.

Top 5 Tips
1. Soy flour has only a quarter of the carbs of white flour, making it a great alternative for low carb baking. But be careful: Soy flour can become dried out, so don't over bake!
2. Club soda is a low carb breakfast staple. Add it to eggs when making an omelet for fluffier results, and to muffin and pancake batters to help them rise.
3. Extracts are a great alternative to the real thing. Try maple, vanilla or almond to get the flavor without the sugar or fat. Just be sure to double check the nutrition label for added sugars.
4. Heavy cream is useful in low carb meal, particularly if you use brands that are labeled "low carb." It can be whipped with or without sugar substitute for a sweet treat with fruit or on its own!
5. A lot of low carb recipes use wheat bran instead of flour. If you are allergic to wheat, oat bran is a great option.

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