Season 1, Episode 3

Low Carb Comfort Foods

Our favorite comfort foods the low carb way—it can be done! Chef George Stella creates several sinfully satisfying low carb dishes: "beefed-up" meat loaf with a layer of prosciutto and provolone, onion rings, Southern fried chicken, "mock" garlic mashed potatoes, and a quick chocolate almond ice cream. Go ahead, indulge without the guilt!

Top 5 Tips
1. You can eat onions on a low carb diet. Avoid them the first few weeks, but in moderation, they're fine.
2. Use a mixture of parmesan cheese and eggs in place of breadcrumbs. They'll bind just as well as their carb-laden counterpart.
3. Soybeans are already toasted and have a tendency to burn when you deep-fry them. This is why we finish the chicken in the oven, rather than in the oil.
4. Cauliflower is low in carbs and absorbs the flavor of any ingredient you put with it.
5. Use a plastic baggie for the dessert if you don't own a pastry bag. Fill baggie with your mock ice cream, snip off a corner, and pour mixture into tall glasses.

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