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Most-Outrageous Things Ever Witnessed on Mystery Diners

Browse photos of the most-ridiculous things people have been caught doing on Mystery Diners.
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Lobster Looting

After Richard and Marilyn of Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, N.J., noticed that their lobster supply was dwindling without the sales to back it up, they called in the Mystery Diners. After some investigation, they caught one employee taking lobsters right out of the tank, putting them in a backpack and returning them to the ocean.

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Singles Night

When Will, co-owner of Whiskey Dick’s in Las Vegas, noticed his female clientele was declining, the Mystery Diners found out that the manager was running a dating service for men from the bar. She even started passing out cards that promised free appetizers to male patrons when they came in looking for dates. 

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Something Smells Fishy

Mario, the owner of La Traviata — a restaurant specializing in organic, high-quality seafood in Long Beach, Calif. — got numerous complaints about the quality of the fish his restaurant was serving. The Mystery Diners discovered that the chef had been buying cheaper fish and advertising it as high-end. In this instance, they caught him buying carp to pass off as Chilean sea bass, and billing the owner for twice what he paid. 

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Dining in the Dark

Hernan, owner of Catharsis, in Miami, called in the Mystery Diners after he started getting complaints about his monthly Dine in the Dark event. It turned out that the waitstaff had come up with a point system based on how many inappropriate things they did while the customers dined wearing blindfolds. The staff were touching the diners, eating off their plates, going through their belongings and even taking them back to the wrong seats after leading them to and from the restrooms. 

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