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10 Back-to-School Habits to Steal from Your Kids

These healthy habits are helpful for kids and grown-ups alike.

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Habits to Keep All Year Long

Heading back to school isn’t just about getting your kids back into the swing of healthy habits. Many of the habits you ask of your kids can be done by you as well. Here are 10 lessons that you probably instill in your children that you can benefit from too.

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Don't Skip Breakfast

Mom always says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but she may not enjoy a well-balanced breakfast herself. Research shows that skipping breakfast can lead to overdoing your calories later in the day. Even if you choose a quick cup of Greek yogurt topped with berries or a slice of 100% whole wheat bread topped with peanut butter, eating breakfast is a must for mom too.

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Get into the Kitchen

From a young age kids are encouraged to get cooking — and this goes for mom, too. Get into the kitchen with your kids to make healthy, well-balanced home-cooked meals.

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Eat Your Veggies

How many times has every parent told their kids to eat their veggies? Vegetables provide fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant chemicals to keep you healthy and help prevent disease), which are all benefits parents should reap, too.

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