Private Chefs Highlights

Meet the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, six gifted cooks from the private chef placement agency, Big City Chefs. Get a taste of who they are, where they work and what they whip up! These chefs cater to the whims of clientele from Los Angeles' most posh neighborhood.

The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills:

Front row, left to right: Chef Manouschka Guerrier, Chef Brooke Peterson, Chef Brian Hill. Back row, left to right: Chef Jesse Brune, Chef Stuart O’Keeffe, Chef Sasha Perl-Raver.

Kitchen Talk

Chefs Manouschka and Stuart chat with a client as they prepare a custom menu for a special 35th birthday party.

Drink Prep

Fresh garnishes are speared and at the ready for soon-to-be-poured martinis.

Out of Her Element?

Glamour + camping = "glamping," a different scenario for Chef Sasha, who attempts to work her usual magic over an outdoor fire pit.

Outdoor Flavor

The Chefs' vibrant veggie salad, freshly mixed and ready for millionaire "glamping" clients.

Table Talent

The skill and creativity of the Private Chefs extends beyond amazing food — they also know how to set a knockout table.

Final Countdown

Chef Brooke races the clock to get all the pieces in place for a fast-approaching party.

Single Serve

Not your typical shrimp cocktail: The Private Chefs create a single-prawn version served with vertical flair.

Artistic Endeavors

Strategic peeling gives these cucumber canapes their distinctive stripe detail.


Custom cuisine doesn't always mean fancy ingredients. Here, Chef Brian uses plain ol' ketchup to get the job done.