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Your pasta isn't pleasing, and your steaks never turn out right. Sound familiar? Does your family run away every time you put a casserole on the table? Never fear; Rescue Chef Danny Boome is never far away. In each episode, Danny travels across America to deliver his creative culinary solutions to one lucky viewer. When Danny Boome knocks on your door, be prepared to have all your food dilemmas and sticky situations solved by the Rescue Chef.

About the Host

Danny Boome

On Rescue Chef, Danny uses basic techniques to solve the culinary conundrums of everyday cooks.

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Grilled Savory Zucchini Flat Bread

Lime-Marinated Flank Steak with Herb Salad

Grilled Stuffed Poblanos

Pomegranate Margarita

Crusted Rack of Lamb with Jus and Baby Carrot and Asparagus

Fresh Fruit Parfait with Lemon-Poppy Seed Yogurt

Carrot and Almond Couscous

Shrimp Pad Thai

Spicy Fried Chicken

Braised Lamb Stew

Turkey Meatballs

Savory Tomato Shabu Shabu with Seafood Dippers

Pan Fried Sea Bass

Onion and Goat Cheese Tartlets

Roast Beef with Ginger and Jus

Minted Lamb Burgers

Seared Scallops with Pancetta over Avocado and Wasabi

Crustless Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream


Potato Gratin "Boome-style"

Flaming Filet Mignon with Chive Butter

Tempura Vegetables with Soy Sauce

French Green Beans

Summer Rolls with Ginger Dipping Sauce

Dandy Beer

Lychee Martini

Eggplant Lasagna