Sunday's Star Menu: Hot, Buttered Popcorn for the Movies

As Sunday afternoons turn to evenings and the hours until the next episode of  Food Network Star  tick away, how do you settle in to watch the latest premiere? No matter who you're with or where you're watching from, you surely have on hand a spread of eats and drinks to last you through the episode, right? Here at Star Talk, we want to see what you're munching on. Every Wednesday, check back for a themed menu to get you ready for the episode ahead, and on Sunday nights, snap photos of your spread and share them with @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

On Sunday, the remaining finalists will leave the comfort of the Star Kitchen and get their first tastes of Hollywood by starring in big-screen movies shown at a luxury cinema. For the first time, they'll work in teams to create trailers that promote themed menus. Even though they're at the theater, the Selection Committee may expect more from the finalists than fresh-popped popcorn. But for fans watching the episode unfold from the couch at home, a bucket of the hot, buttered stuff is the ultimate snack when it comes to movie-paired munchies.

Try Food Network Magazine's Theater-Style Buttered Popcorn to re-create the concession stand classic. The key to this recipe is clarifying the butter — accomplished by melting it and letting it rest until it separates into three layers — as it will offer a decadent flavor without making the popcorn soggy.

For something less traditional, try the Neelys' BBQ Popcorn, made by stove-popping kernels and tossing them with Pat and Gina's signature seasoning mix of paprika, sugar and onion powder. Sunny's Party Popcorn also offers a creative twist, thanks to its mix of sweet and savory ingredients. After preparing popcorn, Sunny tops it with melted buttery toffee, salted peanuts and rich chocolate for an indulgent, crunchy snack.

What does your Sunday Star menu look like? Snap photos of what you're eating, and share them with us @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

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