Star Scrapbooks: A Look Back

Nikki Martin and Star Journals Season 8

This game-changing season of Food Network Star kicked off with 15 finalists in New York City. Alton, Bobby and Giada each started with a team of five, and as challenges progressed week by week, we saw each team fall to four, to three, to two, to one — with the exception of Mr. Brown's team, which sent two contenders to the finale in an unexpected twist.

As finalists were sent home from the pitch room, they left behind their Star journals. Each of these notebooks offers a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into a finalist's Star experience. Who made meticulous prep lists for every dish? Who wrote diary-like reflections about the competition? Who drew quirky, hilarious sketches to illustrate his anxiousness when larger-than-life Star alum Guy Fieri appeared on set? OK, that last one (pictured below) could only be the work of our newly crowned winner, Justin Warner.

Relive this memorable season with a look back at all 15 Star Scrapbooks.

Justin's journal
Justin Warner (Winner!)
Martie Duncan's scrapbook
Martie Duncan (Runner-up)
Yvan Lemoine (Runner-up)
Michele Ragussis (Runner-up)
Nikki Martin scrapbook
Nikki Martin (Eliminated Week 10)
Philip "Ippy" Aiona (Eliminated Week 10)
Martita Jara scrapbook
Martita Jara (Eliminated Week 9)
Malcolm Mitchell (Eliminated Week 8 )
Emily Ellyn (Eliminated Week 7)
Linkie Marais scrapbook
Linkie Marais (Eliminated Week 6)
Judson Allen (Eliminated Week 5)
Eric Lee (Eliminated Week 4)
Josh Lyons (Eliminated Week 3)
Kara Sigle (Eliminated Week 2)
Cristie Schoen (Eliminated Week 1)

If you missed the intense season finale or any of the action this season, catch up here with full episodes and online-only video extras.

See you next season, Star fans!