How to Brulee a Pumpkin Pie

With its crisp, sugary topping, this creamy dessert combines the best of two worlds: pumpkin pie and creme brulee.

Grab Your Torch and a Pumpkin Pie

Because we love pumpkin pie and we love creme brulee, we figured the best of both worlds would be a thin, crackly caramel layer of bronzed sugar on top of creamy pumpkin pie.

From Food Network Kitchen

Sprinkle Sugar

First, we sprinkled some regular granulated sugar on the pie. Not an exact science, but about three handfuls.

Light the Torch

Then we lit our torch, facing away from us. Yours might look different. We pointed the flame down on the sugar, moving it all around about 2 inches over the sugar so it didn’t get burnt in any one place. We tried not to get too close to the crust.

Don't Use a Spoon — Use a Knife!

Then we forgot it was not a creme brulee and tried to crack the top with a spoon, out of sheer force of habit. But we soon came to our senses.

Grab a Slice

We cut it, like a pie, with a knife. This is it, before we dolloped whipped cream on it. Enjoy!

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