7 Kid-Friendly Recipes to Serve on Cinco de Mayo

Hear from one mom to find out which Mexican-inspired favorites she prepares for her family to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
By: Foodlets
Mexican Lasagna


©2012 Food Network

2012 Food Network

Before they’re ready for margaritas and garlicky guacamole, we’re introducing our kids to a handful of starter Mexican recipes like these. Each one is simple and straightforward enough for busy parents who still love a delicious meal on a festive day.

Rachael Ray’s Mexican Lasagna (pictured above): With spinach tortillas in place of pasta, this 5-star recipe packs chicken breasts, black beans, corn, cheese and more into a dish you can make (and even freeze) ahead of time and then throw in the oven for a rich and bubbly Cinco De Mayo dinner.

Slow-Cooker Shredded Chicken Tex-Mex: Sometimes the best family meals are the ones that are easiest to make. This slow-cooker meal comes together while the kids are in school, politely waiting to be topped with sour cream, guacamole or salsa when the whole family is ready.

Toast with Avocado and Fresh Lemon Juice: It’s like beginners’ guacamole and works for breakfast or a snack. The avocado is smooth and creamy, the lemon is tart, and a sprinkle of salt adds the perfect finish. P.S. It’s best with thick, hearty bread.

Brisket Tacos with Red Cabbage


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Andrew McCaul

Brisket Tacos with Red Cabbage from Food Network Magazine: Roast the brisket ahead of time and you’ll have a festive meal on the table in minutes. Let kids top their own tacos with crunchy strips of cabbage, fresh lime juice or salsa.

One-Pot Mexican Quinoa Casserole

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One-Pot Mexican Quinoa Casserole: That’s right, no need to cook the quinoa separately and add it later. And this tiny-serving idea is perfect for kids who aren’t quite sure about tasting dinner: Egg cups hold a couple of bites, plus … they’re fancy.

Sopaipillas with Chocolate Sauce


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Yunhee Kim

Sopaipillas with Chocolate Sauce from Food Network Magazine: Translation: crispy fried tortillas drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce. See also: delicious!

Double-Feature Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate Frosting

Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate Frosting: There’s a peanut butter cup inside every one of these cupcakes! As if that weren’t enough, a hint of chili pepper in the frosting makes these decadent chocolate cupcakes the perfect way to end this day.

Charity Curley Mathews is the mother of four small kids under the age of six, and founder of Foodlets.com: Real Food for Babies, Toddlers & Kids. She lives in North Carolina, where she’s working on a better relationship with the dishwasher. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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