Farmer Lee Jones' 11 Favorite Flavors of the Holiday Season

Hear from Farmer Lee Jones about what farm-fresh ingredients he craves during the holiday season.
By: Guest Blogger
Fall Radish

Perpetually clad in his trademark overalls, white shirt and a red bowtie, Farmer Lee Jones is the iconic figure of his family’s 300-acre sustainable farm in Huron, Ohio. He, his father, Bob Jones Sr., and his brother, Bob Jones Jr., lead the team at The Chef’s Garden in pioneering the sustainable agricultural movement. The farm grows the best-tasting and most-nutritious specialty vegetables, herbs and micro greens in the world. The family lives by a commitment to produce food that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. Hear from Farmer Lee below about what farm-fresh ingredients he craves during the holiday season.

By Farmer Lee Jones

Fall Radish (pictured above): This is mild, slightly peppery with some sweet notes.

Cherry Bomb Radish

Photo by: MichelleDemuthBibb


Petite Cherry Bomb Radish: Crisp, fresh, ultra-mild flavor.

Exotic Kale

Exotic Kale: Deep, earthy flavors that can range from rich and meaty to slightly bitter.


Crosnes: They offer a nutty sweetness and juiciness.

Red Ribbon Sorrel

Red Ribbon Sorrel: Think sweet and tart like a Granny Smith apple.

Celery Root

Celery Root: It is said to be the world’s ugliest vegetable. Celery root has a flavor reminiscent of a celery and parsley.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato: This spud has flavors of roasted carrot with hints of orange zest to flavors of vanilla, sugar cane and caramel.


Carrots: Flavors range from a sweet, winelike complexity to earthy with sweet mineral undertones.


Sage: There's a fragrant aroma and an astringent but warm flavor.

Citrus Lace

Photo by: MichelleDemuthBibb


Citrus Lace: Here there's flavors of oranges and lemons that linger on the palate.

Cuke with Bloom

Photo by: MichelleDemuthBibb


Cuke with Bloom: This has a refreshing cucumber flavor with a sweet and buttery bloom.

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