Politically Charged Foods for Election Day

No matter whom you’re voting for on November 8, everyone can unite behind the platform of good food. This election season, companies have created patriotic snacks, candy and beverages to satisfy both parties. While you anxiously await the results of this year’s presidential election, show your support with these politically minded groceries.

Chocolate (pictured above)

This year, Harper Macaw, an artisanal chocolatier in Washington, D.C., launched its first-ever Political Collection with six themed chocolate bars. There’s something for each side of the aisle — and for those choosing to meet in the middle.

Hot Sauce

Just in time for the heated race, spicy-foods company Mo Hotta Mo Betta has teamed up with web retailer Zazzle to offer a collection of political hot sauces. Each candidate’s sauce comes in five flavors, including Cayenne Garlic and Fire-Roasted Habanero.

Ice Cream

During the primary elections, Ben & Jerry’s released an ice cream inspired by Bernie Sanders, since he represents the ice cream company’s home state of Vermont. This month they’re going more bipartisan. The brand is encouraging the American public to get out and vote with pints of Empower Mint, a peppermint ice cream with fudge brownie pieces and fudge swirl.


If you find your election-night party getting a bit too tense, sweeten the mood with a plate of Eleni’s sugar cookies. The patriotic designs will complement themed decor and (hopefully) ease some tensions.


Beer is an American tradition dating back to the Founding Fathers, so it’s no wonder Connecticut-based Avery Brewing decided to make an election-themed bottle. Ale to the Chief, a pale ale blended with malt and dry hops, is a tribute to the past, current and next presidents of the United States.


Hundreds of years after the Boston Tea Party, tea still holds an iconic spot in American politics. The TeaBook in Los Angeles is blending brews based on each of this year’s presidential candidates.

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